Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Meet Canadian Hindu Advocacy

Yeah, that's both of them right there.  Bannerjee to the left and, presumably, Naresh Patel to the right.  And you can tell its all of them because when the interviewer, at about the 1:30 mark, challenges Bannerjee to scare up another Hindu from the crowd, he can't.

They are, incidentally, protesting the prayer sessions offered each Friday at Valley Park Middle School for their Muslim students.  Most of the media outlets put the crowd at about 50.  You can see the JDL's Meir Weinstein briefly, I think, looking dapper in a black suit.


Admin said...

Brilliant bit of reportage. Too bad the rest of the media has given Banerjee carte blanche coverage without actually investigating whether a) his group actually represents anyone and b) actual groups representing large numbers of Hindus agree with him. For instance, here's the president of the Hindu Federation saying "we see no issues with students praying in their school cafeteria as long as such activities are sanctioned by the school authorities. We of the Hindu Federation extend compliment to all those involved on providing Canadian youths with the opportunity to pray. In these times when Canadian youths are facing many challenges of poor health habits, substance abuse, gang violence and family issues it is truly comforting to know that some youths are praying and have a place to do so." http://www.sagennext.com/2011/07/20/we-see-no-issues-with-student-prayers-%E2%80%93-pandit-roopnauth-sharma-president-of-hindu-federation/

liberal supporter said...

You'd think for all the foaming at the mouth from these bozos that the school has the guy in the minaret doing the call to prayer over the PA system for morning exercises and at assemblies.

Anonymous said...

Oh I like the brown suit wear by that canadian.