Tuesday, July 26, 2011

UK Media Explore Possible Paul "Lionheart" Ray/ Ander Breivik Connection

 ...and that's good.  I've been banging away at the possibility-- that EDL leader Paul Ray might be the Norwegian killer's "English Mentor"-- for days now.  There's no mention of the "crusading Canuck" blogger who fed everyone the relevant links, but that's OK I guess.  At least Allah knows.

In any case, Paul Ray has denied any connection on his  "Lionheart" blog, suggesting that English Defense League financier Alan Lake is most likely the "Richard" named in Breivik's manuscript.

On the other hand, this fellow (who has followed the UK extremist scene for years) thinks neither Ray or Lake fit the bill, and speculates that "Richard" may be fictitious.  Which is just as likely.


Rotterdam said...

This Darwinian influenced pagan cut and pasted the unibomber's radical environmentalist manifesto.

Anonymous said...

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Daniele Luciano Moskal said...

Paul Ray (Paul Cinato) Lionheart, is the orignal founder of EDL which when he formed this group was totally non-facist. All though Paul is very radical and fundamental in his Christian view-points, he is by no means a racist and would condone any violence. He withdrew from the EDL membership because of their connections to racist & political groups and football hooligans who make up for the hard-core majority of members of the EDL. Most of the 'Mig Crew' - Luton's football hooligan firm are active members. They are the ones who have completely changed Paul Ray's (Lionheart's) original plans for the English Defence League as a non-racist Christian group into what it has become now - a new BNP!!!