Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One Last Time To The Barricades!

 If the Torys really want to scrap the gun-registry, then lets give 'em one last fight, at least drive their approval numbers down for awhile (which always happens when the gun-registry issue comes up).  Because why not?  Valhalla awaits.  The LPoC seems down with it, but the NDP may go squishy.  Hopefully, this guy can help stiffen their spines.

And a clip from one of my favorite movies, to set the mood:


Terence said...

The fact Charest is going to pass his own gun control legislation makes it even more fun. I suspect Mcguinty may do the saem if it works election wise.

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

Why not just re-run the spots with Michael Ignatieff meeting with families from Dawson College, demanding that the gun registry be retained to prevent another Kimveer Gill-type shooting.

Oh yeah.

Kimveer had his gun registered before he went to go shoot people.


sharonapple88 said...
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ridenrain said...

If all Liberal MPs unite against it they could.. share a small pizza.
I'd predict the NDP MPs get tired of carrying this Liberal boondoggle and cut it loose. It's not like the NDP are going to lose urban Toronto to the Liberals any time soon.

sharonapple88 said...

"One Last Time To The Barricades!"

Why not?

Kimveer had his gun registered before he went to go shoot people.

So, you're for stricter gun control laws, then Harvie? ;)

Let's take a moment to consider how the police use the gun registry.

Terrence said...

Yeah, good luck with this.


Aw, come on, be nice. They'd need at least a large pizza. With a side of crazy bread.

Anonymous said...

Well hoping that barricades crash! and those people who wearing suit look awesome.