Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Tory Anti-Tobacco Law Proves Useless

I wrote surprisingly alot about Bill C-32, which banned the sale of flavoured tobacco products targeted at children. Cigarillos, basically.  It turns out to be a fairly meaningless stab at populism:

Bill C-32 requires that cigarillos less than 1.4 grams cannot be flavoured or sold in packages of less than 20 units. Since the law doesn't affect cigars more than 1.4 grams, tobacco companies quickly took advantage of the loophole and put cigars weighing just over the required minimum weight on the market.

Oddly enough, with all the to-ing a fro-ing over C-32, nobody appears to have thought of this loophole.


Flavour....GONE! said...

The Flavour....GONE! campaign is currently advocacting to the government the importance of closing these loop holes as they still allow the tobacco industry to sell flavoured products. We are asking the government to step up and protect Canada's youth and close the loophole that Bill C-32 holds and ban all flavours in tobacco industry products period. For more information please go to

Anonymous said...

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