Friday, July 22, 2011

Criminal Eyes: Is Toronto Sun Using Stock Photos on Its front Page?

This fellow seems to think so.  Don't know what he's talking about re page 2, but that sounds interesting as well:

So with Sun Media not being part of the Ontario Press Council anymore, does this mean I can't complain about the fake news picture on the front page of today's Toronto Sun (July 22)? The Sun ran a cheap photo ($3.75?) bought from a US web site and passed it off as a current Canadian news picture of a "war criminal".

What about the factually-incorrect story on page two? All other Toronto papers got the facts correct but then they used their own people to report the story. The Toronto Sun got the story from a cheap, non-news, US company

The pic DOES look really Istock, but I admit I haven't found an exact match using "criminal eyes" or "black balaclava" or whatever.  I leave this as an exercise to my readers, who are surely the smartest readers in the world.


Terrence said...

The Sun is such utter shit.

"Balaclava" or variations thereof probably won't work because it looks like the jagged black bars were simply added to the picture after it was taken, possibly the paper itself.

By the way, here's me blasting the Conservatives. Self-promotion FTW!

Terrence said...

*possibly by the paper itself...

liberal supporter said...

The eye colour is wrong, but otherwise that is Rick Mercer!

Anonymous said...

criminal eye have similarity in eagles eye.