Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NDP Moves To Stiff Ex-Gay Org

 Delegates with Canada’s newly-minted official Opposition, the New Democrat Party (NDP), passed a resolution calling on the government to revoke the charitable status of groups that support those seeking to overcome same-sex attraction at their policy convention in Vancouver last month.

Introducing the resolution, which was passed unanimously, outgoing “LGBT” co-chair Matthew McLaughlin specifically urged the government to revoke the status of Exodus Global Alliance, and asked that they investigate other ex-gay groups as well.

“Ex-gay organisations … take advantage of LGB people, often in vulnerable family situations or at grips with depression and self-hatred, and browbeat them — saying that LGB people never live happy lives, that we are unhealthy and unwhole, and that we never experience love and that the only hope lies in their therapies,” said McLaughlin, according to the homosexual blog Slap Upside the Head.

The article references this post from Slap Upside The Head, which suggests that a private member's bill is in the works if the Canada Revenue Agency doesn't act on its own.  More generally, it makes it sound as though the NDP has a strategy to push its own issues while in opposition.  Meanwhile, what are the Libs up to?  In therapy, on a bus.  *Sigh*  More with the buses.


bazie said...

hmmmm....this is very well intended but I think it shouldn't be supported. It is one of those tricky issues where one balances the harm (done to the gay community by the existence of such groups...which might be quite significant) against freedom of expression and the like. The result is to be strictly regulating what counts as charitable behaviour...and if we accept that the government should have a wide berth to do that then it is hard to complain when the government tries to restrict charitable organizations in ways we might care about such as charities that support abortion or gaza that are under quite a bit of attack. I would suggest we move away from the idea of the government shutting down charities it doesn't like, even if that means we have to allow some hateful charities like these ones in the mix.

Omar said...

Good christ, yet another bus-themed Magical Mystery Tour. I think you should start adding a 'Die Liberal Party Die' label to any future post that involves the LPC.

Anonymous said...

I dont want to give some statement about this.


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