Thursday, September 20, 2012

Andrew Weaver To Run For B.C. Greens

UVIC climate scientist (and Nobel Peace Price recipient) Andrew Weaver will be running under the GP banner in B.C.'s next provincial election.  Imp's got the deets.  I should say that I'm a big fan of Dr. Weaver, who has done all sorts of interesting research (including this stuff which suggests that the tar sands are not quite as dirty as some, me included, have suggested).

One thing I would add to Nancy's account is that up here in Canada climate scientists have not typically been subject to the really over-the-line smearing and harassment from the political Right that seems routine down in the U.S....the jihad against Michael Mann, for example.  Except, that is, for Mr. Weaver, who had his campus office BNE'd in advance of the Copenhagen conference on climate change back in 2009.


double nickel said...

Dr. Weaver, I believe. Met him once. Good man.

bigcitylib said...

I've changed that.

Kyle H. said...

Who? I've never heard of this guy before in my life. I doubt most BC residents have either. All the power to him, I suppose.

But he's got a silly idea: running for the very dead and moribund BC Greens, while the BC NDP are poised to sweep the entire Victoria area, Nobel-recipient-be-damned.

His talents would be better suited working with the next BC provincial government, not the fourth party.

double nickel said...

He's well known on the Island. Weaver has probably forgtten more about climate change than most people will ever know.

The Mound of Sound said...

Volkov the fact you've never heard of Weaver speaks volumes of your ignorance but is otherwise irrelevant. Try not acting like such a puke.