Thursday, September 13, 2012

Note To Toronto Media And City: Walk Your Dog In Front Of Mosque Day Still Appears To Be On

Judging by its Facebook events page, it has, unfortunately, not died under the weight of its own stupidity. Picking a local mosque  at random as to execute a stunt designed to do nothing but piss off the local muslim population seems particularly deranged at this juncture in history, but Ron Banerjee from Canadian Hindu Advocacy  is ready to rock.  Over 300 people say they will attend, but of course these are Facebook people so who knows how many will really show?  It might not take many to create a scene of ugliness.


Robert McClelland said...

I wouldn't worry too much over this. None of the attempts the Islamophobes have made to provoke Muslims in Canada have worked. In fact, the stunts only serve to counter their claims about Muslims.

Kurt Phillips said...

Although now he also evidently wants to screen the anti-Islam movie that has caused a storm in the Middle East.

We'll be commenting on this on our blog a bit later, but thought you might want to take a crack at it first.

Hardy Weinberg said...

I know i have been trolling their facbook page a tad too much (it is actually quite fun, and Ron mentioned me on one of his interviews as a "known leftist")

It appears you and everyone else was right. about 10-20 people showed up, ironically without dogs. No one from the JDL showed up (probably cause the event was promoted on Stormfront). about 50 or so muslims showed up with dogs to counter.

Long story short there are a few discussions on the facebook page discussing how much of a failed event this was, with our friend ron banerjee claiming victory.

Hardy Weinberg said...

Oh and beyond Banerjee and Dharminder, it seems their good friend Mark Harding and Eric Brazau also attended. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you willing to risk your dog's life because of someone else's imaginary friend?