Friday, February 01, 2013

And ANOTHER Sun Media Publication Bites The Dust

Just got the word that Shopping News in Niagara is done as of today.

And indeed the URL either dead-ends or redirects to the Niagara Falls Review. This is all happening too fast.  I'm running out of anti-Sun Media jokes!

PS.  I noted this a couple of days ago.  Now its been confirmed.


Scott @ Prog Blog said...

They obviously knew this was going to happen (all these cuts). Why else the big desperate attempt for mandatory carriage, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth when people opposed it?

deb said...

I really hope sun news doesnt get mandatory carriage...its just ridiculous.

deb said...

yep Jeremy...right on the mark...they go past freedom, well past bad taste and right down a hateful stream of crap...that insults many cultures and many folks.
Its pretty sad when Ann Coulter is brought to Canada by a lovestruck Ezra Levant and those 2 get mad at Canadians for exercising their own free will and free speech by denouncing them. Ezra is a whining hypocrite.
Sun news doesnt even begin to scratch the surface of news...and if they actually went after corruption within the harper govt instead of bullying CBC and denouncing FN...I might actually believe theyhad a mandate of being a news network. Instead they simply are a arm of the Conservatives and the PMO, and get their daily instructions of what news they will spin that makes the PMO look good. Its a travesty!