Thursday, February 21, 2013

Is Sun News TV Canada's REAL State Broadcaster?

So if you watch this story on Sun News enough times (and believe me I'm not recommending you do it) the ads that introduce it
...are this one for Immigration Canada, or this one for Canada's Economic Action Plan...
...or this one for Canada's Economic Action Plan
...or a third one for Canada's Economic Action Plan that I haven't bothered to screen cap, or
...this ad for the Dodge Journey...but only very occasionally.  You also will see a shout-out to the Sun Facebook Page.

Of course CEAP plugs are everywhere, but recently it looks as though they account for well over half of the adverts on the Sun TV website.  Does this amount to a government subsidy...the Harper Gov. throwing money to a message friendly news service?  And if so, does that make Sun TV Canada's REAL state broadcaster?


deb said...

I think you are onto something...hopefully CBC can argue this same point.

Jim Parrett said...

Yes, Sun is the real state broadcaster but far more. It is the Conservative Party's private TV station where the only news you'll see comes directly from the Cons and GOP.

Alison said...

Michael Sona, today :
"Sun News is kind of an alternate method of getting press releases and other stories out from the party, right? I mean everyone knows that, right? It's just a standard comm's tactic."

deb said...

thanks for posting that link Alison...great interview, I actually feel sorry for Sona now. Even after he made a fool of himself at UoG.

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