Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wind Power And Hair

If anyone was wondering why the feds have decided to delay and revise their study on the health effects of wind turbines, it is to collect hair samples, the chemical composition of which can be used as a biological marker of chronic stress.  Why this din't do this first go round is beyond me.


Rural said...

Owen Sound MOH is going to present a study on this Friday

bigcitylib said...

I read that. I have no idea where she got the three studies showing a "dose response". I wasn't aware of any.

Paul Kuster said...

You should look into the much ballyhood "17 studies" that are constantly trotted out by the pro windies to support their position. There you'll find the 3 studies that refer to "dose response". There is a 4th study that deals with quality of life issues, but the rest of the "studies" are nothing more than "literature reviews"> Summary of these can be found here;

In his presentation this morning, Dr. Arra confirmed that these studies did not meet the threshold to craft any public policy on from a health perpesctive. This of course brings into question the Governments adopting a policy based upon Dr Arlene King's review of the available literature, she herself knew was inadequate.
A press release is forthcoming soon from Dr Hazel Lynn and release of the report will be out soon.