Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Christian Crossroads Communications: A Bash From The Past

From the CBC archives:

Crossroads Christian Communications founder David Mainse speaking at an anti-gay rights rally in 1979.  Ken Campbell also shows up, suggesting that gays are prone to child molestation.  Not much changes with these guys, does it?


Rotterdam said...

I remember John Turner calling it deviant behaviour

WhigWag said...

Hmm... bit of a guilt-by-association smear here, if the implication is that the LPC shouldn't have funded them in '99, either. While Campbell's clearly ID'd as being well-known as anti-gay since the 70s, the only such mention of CCC's assoc. w. him & that position is specifically w/r/t their protesting that mag (The Body Politic) together that one time in 1979 over this article - "Men Loving Boys Loving Men" - where it's specifically the child / pedophilia element Mainse was taking exception to.