Thursday, February 07, 2013

Latest Poll On Northern Gateway

A new poll has found 61 per cent of B.C. residents oppose Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, while support is at 35 per cent.

And the Insights West online survey found opponents of the project are more entrenched – 38 per cent are strongly opposed, compared to just 11 per cent who strongly support the new route for crude oil across northwestern B.C. to Kitimat.

The full results can be found here. Meanwhile Alberta separatist Ted Morton ponders measures that, if taken, could lead to a civil war in this country. So, yeah, to say they could "backfire" is one way of putting it.


Anonymous said...

BC and Alberta and the rest of Canada are completely missing why Stephen Harper is going along with multinational petroleum interests.. The gutting of environmental legislation, the cutting of funds for scientists, the muzzling of biologists etc is prep work for the onslaught of fracking for natural gas and oil.

Of course any expansion of the tar sands implies attempts to jam through pipelines to western, eastern, northern or American terminuses.

But the infrastructure required by fracking will dwarf what the tar sands needs in the short term. Fracked oil is more valuable, useful and efficient right now than diluted bitumen. Last I heard, fracking in the USA is approx 80 oil and 20 % natural gas.

LNG (liquid natural gas) delivered to Asia will earn a very strong price while there is a glut in the USA and lower price as well.

So .. back to jamming fracking infrastructure into wherever its needed in Canada.

Unlike the USA, there aren't local highways and many roads or right of way up in northeastern BC or in Alberta so access needs to be cut through the terrain. (habitat !) Water pipelines, frackwater disposal, pipelines for the oil or gas to collection points, more pipeline to compressor stations, pipelines to pipelines and finally to ports for potentially thousands of tanker trips in and out of harbor.

Liquefaction plants.. the list just goes on and on.. just to get our resources off to China .. and if you think Stephen Harper will be around to ensure the environmental disaster is cleaned up.. you're living in a fantasy land.. and if you have children or grandchildren, they'll live in a nightmare.

Northern Gateway would follow the Morgan Kinder two way pipeline as the tip of the steel shiv that The Harper corporatist alliiance wants to stab us all with. It'll be death by a thousand cuts and a thousand pipelines and tankers.

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

I'm just waiting for urban Canadians and first nations groups to offer up a suggestion of reduced health and education spending as a quid-pro-quo for the termination of the pipeline project.

Always missed in the debate is the reality that a great amount of our social support is paid for by "dirty oil".

Time, maybe, to put money to mouth.

Unknown said...

Yup, Harvie. If it weren't for all that crud Alberta is sitting on Canada would be fucked.
Why doesn't the crybaby of confederation just get on with it and separate already. BC can pack all the retirees that fled the shithole they turned Alberta into onto cattle-cars and ship them back east. A few fortifications at key passes should keep y'all there.

Lars said...

Lenny, please, Alberta isn't a shithole. Not yet. We're working on it, but Rome wasn't built in a day.

sinned34 said...


How about instead of cutting social spending, we cut off corporate welfare instead? No more subsidies to oil, mining, and forestry companies whose main concern is stripping Canadian resources and shipping those base materials overseas to make a profit sounds a lot better than abandoning Canadian citizens to the wilderness.