Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The State Of Levant

Glen McGregor of the Ottawa Citizen has some new viewer numbers for the Sun News Network.  They are very sad:

Who is the Monkey King, you ask?

In any case it looks like Brian Lilley is out-pointing Ezra these days. ratings wise.  Gotta be the hair.


Dana said...


Whaddya nuts???!!!

I'd be sad if he was on fire and I couldn't piss on him.

But not even then really.

I sometimes find it hard to believe he really has a human brain.

rightprog said...
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rightprog said...

There are plenty of examples of Ezra misrepresenting he facts. The Sun had to apologize to George Soros when Levant proclaimed he was a Nazi collaborator or some such thing. Then he tried to claim that in the 1960s the CJC helped to originate the Canadian Nazi Party to get legislation passed for hate laws. This was debunked by quite a few sources as well...the list is truly endless

deb said...

lol...monkey king...awesome!