Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pumped Storage To Back Up Wind

The graphic shows it all, but the accompanying story is here.  The Provincial Liberals have been talking about projects like this before the last election.  In fact, I think one got a mention in their 2011 election platform. Which is to say that they haven't been totally winging it on Green Energy initiatives over year or so.


Rural said...

Its about time pumped storage was proposed for a wind power installation, it is the only way that wind power is a truly viable option and makes 'green' power available 24 / 7.

Matthew Day said...

Pretty smart. Too bad there is no technology inexpensive enough to store electrical energy directly though. I have heard about some pretty powerful capacitors on the market, but I think that they are too expensive to be paid for out of the difference between peak, and off peak power costs.

Paul Kuster said...

Once again, math and physics get in the way.

The math as to the size of the flooded area behind the dam/ turbines should be quite impressive.