Saturday, July 13, 2013

2nd Largest Cdn Forest Fire EVER Goes Unreported

A massive fire burning in northern Quebec is Canada's second largest fire since fire records began in 1959, according to the Canadian Forest Service. The fire was more than twice the size of Rhode Island on Tuesday--1,621,000 acres. Called the Eastmain fire, the near-record blaze was ignited by lightning on May 25, and was burning along a 100-km front near the east shore of James Bay by the village of Eastmain

Read through and you will read that Canuck smoke is officially polluting Scandanavia.


John Twigg said...

so does that qualify as human-caused global warming? How do its carbon emissions compare with say vehicle traffic in Montreal?

Lars said...

It's difficult to assign climate change as a direct cause to any given catastrophic event, in the same way as we couldn't blame any particular case of cancer back during the atmospheric atomic bomb testing days on atomic bomb testing. However, there was a causal relationship back then between increase in background radiation levels and increase in cancer levels, as there is a causal relationship now between increased thermal energy levels in the atmosphere due to carbon dioxide's heat-trapping effects, and catastrophic environmental events.
And while this fire may cause a blip in atmospheric CO2 levels, it isn't fossil carbon that's being spewed into the atmosphere - this is carbon that was part of the carbon cycle, not the excess that you get from burning fossil fuels. No direct comparison.