Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Company Behind Leslie Spit Turbine Project Pretty Low Profile

Of the company behind this, The Star writes:

A little-known renewable energy company claims to be working on a wind project at the base of the spit.


Sunwincor has little public profile. Its website lists Jafray Hinsen as the only contact. Hinsen has an email address, but the firm lists no phone number or address beyond “Mississauga.”


There is no record of Sunwincor being incorporated in Ontario, and it is not listed as a member of the Canadian Wind Energy Association.

Almost nothing by way of an Internet trail for Mr. Hinsen, either.  I note Sunwincor also has a project planned for King Township.

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Paul Kuster said...

They all start out as low profile companies with usually benign , feel good names. Once they get their FIT contract, usually the contracts are flipped to the big guns like Suncor, Samsung or Nextera. Happens all the time in the rural areas.