Monday, July 08, 2013

Christian Crossroads Through The Years

From The Winnipeg Free Press:

OTTAWA - The Harper government has received scores of letters and emails over government funding being provided to an organization that referred to homosexuality as a "perversion" and "sin."

The Prime Minister's Office and the office of the international development minister got about 170 letters and emails after The Canadian Press reported earlier this year on the $544,813 contract to Christian Crossroads Communications for humanitarian work in Uganda.

Here's there founder gay bashing in 1979.  Here's them getting dinged by the CBSC for abusive or unduly discriminatory commentary on the basis of sexual orientation.    So, a pretty consistent message over the years.

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Rene said...

Yes, well back in the day before there were 200 plus cable channels, back in the late 70s, these call-in Christian cable TV programs running at odd hours were a major source of entertainment for bored teenagers seeking to get the preacher all excited and hopping mad on air.

There was one French language cable Christian program airing out of Gatineau at late hours, and much like Bart Simpson calling up Moe's bar, we mischief-minded teenagers would call him up from the comfort of our basement hideouts to egg him on and see who could get him to rain down curses upon us on air...