Sunday, July 14, 2013

Quebec Mayor Stephane Gendron Hates Israel, Hippies, And Kittens

This time around its his cat hate getting him into trouble:

According to reports, Huntingdon, Que., Mayor Stephane Gendron said that he tries to kill stray cats while driving his pick-up truck.

The SPCA is on his ass the way Meir was when he bad-mouthed Israel.  That protest set Stephane all a-grovel.  Apparently this one has him apologizing too (can't find the link, though), although it remains unclear whether he really spends his free time running over cats.

PS.  So far it looks like slagging Hippies (student protesters) gets you in less trouble than Israel bashing or cat murder when you're in Quebec.  The CBSC decision against Gendron got him off clean on that charge. Don't know if that is comforting or otherwise.

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Rene said...

You forgot to mention that Gendron is a regular columnist for the Peladeau owned Journal de Montreal, the Quebec equivalent to Canada's Sun media, was previously affiliated to the PQ, then to the ADQ under Mario Dumont, was approached by the Conservatives to run as their candidate in 2008 but declined over obvious differences over Israel, immigration policy, etc., introduced a municipal curfew forcing minors to stay off the street after 10 p.m. in Huntingdon, eventually withdrawn following threats of litigation, is claimed to be very arrogant with his electors, treating them like welfare recipients and to have turned downtown Huntingdon into a ghost town, is reported to be rarely seen in town from fear of repeated death threats.

Lac Megantic sounds quite tranquil by way of comparison..