Friday, July 12, 2013

August 2nd Will Be One Helluva Hangover

As of 27 minutes ago, PCPO candidate Ken Kirupa came out pro-Scarborough subway line.

As of yesterday its become official PCPO policy ahead of the by-election in Scarborough-Guildwood. Now only the NDP is off-side, but watch Mr. Giambrone come around.  I predict within 48 hours. Which is all, frankly, madness for a set of by-elections that will have no practical consequences in the Legislature.  But whatever.  Frank Klees line:
...magically loses traction.  And, come the morning after, everyone involved feels a bit cheapened.

PS. And in the end Scarborough never gets any mass transit worthy of the name.  And maybe Rob Ford wins re-election.  And somewhere a consultant who specializes in mass transit solutions throws his back out doing a happy dance.  He knows he will have work in this town forever.


Anonymous said...

BCL, a promise by Hudak has seriously got my ire up-- he would like to see farmers subsidized, even MORE than they already are, for donating food to food banks? Really? Not giving out of the 'goodness and kindness of their hearts'?? Oh, and I know who could REALLY use the benefits of food-subsidy--how 'bout the people who CAN'T AFFORD TO BUY FOOD??? Thank you for your kind attention.

crf said...

Maybe they'll get a cut and badly covered line?