Friday, July 05, 2013

New Jewish Group Fills Gap Left By The CJC

...whose members include  Stephen Lewis, Michele Landsberg and Bernie Farber, and whose mandate includes more than just Israel 24/7 (includes, for example,Hungarian, Slovak and Czech nationals of Roma heritage).  Good luck to them.  Hope to hear lots from them in the future.


Rene said...

The Star Online, the Malaysian one - not the Toronto version, reports June 21, 2012:

"Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board has put off until mid-July a hearing on an asylum claim by Hungarian Roma activist Viktoria Mohacsi, a former member of the European Parliament."
"The case is being closely watched as a test of the Canadian government's new immigration policy that considers nearly all EU countries 'safe'. Mohacsi, a Roma, claims she would be in danger from hate groups and persecution by authorities if she returned to Hungary."

Curiously, the Toronto Star and other Canadian media outlets have little to say as to why a former member of the European Parliament would flee Europe and seek asylum in Canada, living in a drab, reportedly unfurnished basement apartment in Toronto and volunteering service at the local Roma Community Center in Toronto.

They did feature a recent story on Yahoo Canada news which gave an opportunity for all the immigrant and refugee haters to voice their rage and hatred, which I surmise was the purpose of such news.

An article by Alison Mackie in the December 22, 2011 blog The Gypsy Chronicles reports:

"Of Mohacsi, Roberto Malini wrote ”Viktoria Mohacsi, the courageous Hungarian Roma MEP, went out to visit the settlements to witness each single reality with personal commitment and without the filter of officialdom. She accompanied us too, in the Italy of racial hatred, under bridges, in abandoned houses, behind trees and bushes in the inhospitable camps, forgotten by God and civilization. But they “got rid of her” through the use of threats and persecution, and refused her the right to remain in the EU Parliament. They forced her to flee Hungary and the European Union and seek asylum in Canada.” Roberto Malini; Everyone Group . "

Her Immigration and Refugee Board hearing has been rescheduled in Toronto for mid-July, and I trust she will receive greater sympathy and support from the Canadian public than oddball claimants such as Randy Quaid...

Rene said...

Correction - The Star Online article should be dated June 21, 2013.