Saturday, August 17, 2013

Advice For Mark Steyn: If You Are Serious

...lose the beard and ditch the fruity, fake Brit accent.  Yankees don't want to hear that shit.  Its OK when you're playing an intellectual come to lecture them on their colonial inferiority.  But if you want to lead 'em, you'll have to learn to talk white.  You'll also have to learn to eat "fritters" and maybe even squirrel brains.  Good luck with that.


Jim Parrett said...

While I don't know if they eat fritters or critter brains in New Hampshire, surely the people of that state have some semblance of intelligence. Can you imagine when Steyn's history of hate hits the airwaves and press? Not a chance.

Paul Kuster said...

I guess he Mark won't have to worry about any political fallout regarding Michael Mann.