Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rumour: Johnny Of Johnny Burgers Has Retired!

Johnny has talked about retiring for several years now, as I reported here.  Now I am informed that he has sold-out to some Chinese fellow, perhaps the little guy that worked for him forever who is visible center-left in the shot below. If so, that's good news; that guy has hot burger grease flowing through his veins.

In any case, I am thinking of launching a kickstarter campaign to raise enough money to check out the new burgers and see how they rate against Johnny's classics.  Anyone wants to send me money for this effort, I can arrange to have it spent.

This is a world-shaking event out here in Scarborough, by the way, where Johnny's has always been seen as the pinnacle of native cuisine.  Mike Myers' ate there as a youth!  Therefore it is significant to T.O. as a whole, and therefore to the entire nation.

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