Monday, August 19, 2013

Carbon Taxes And The Poor

From Simon Donner, and offered here without comment:

The fundamental objective of carbon controls is to reduce the emission of gases that contribute to climate change. A primary reason to combat climate change is to protect those most vulnerable to its effects. Pretty much every analysis, not to mention every extreme weather event, shows that the most vulnerable are and will continue to be the poor and disenfranchised. Politics certainly influence the design of the carbon policy,more than many people would like. Nevertheless, at the most base level, carbon taxes are being proposed and enacted to help the poor, not to hurt the poor. 


Paul Kuster said...

"There is evidence that the BC carbon tax is influencing the consumption of carbon-based fuels."

That's because they're driving to Washington State to fill-up.

bigcitylib said...

More likely that's a result of CDN $ approaching parity.

Paul Kuster said...

Or consider this;