Friday, August 16, 2013

News Flash: REAL Women's Gwen Landolt Does NOT Condone Executing Gays For Being Gay

Sounds like she's getting soft.  The article then goes on to out you know who.

PS.  About the term "practicing homosexual".  If you have to practice, does this mean you're not very good at it?


Rene said...

Real Women on their own news site, which you reference, claim CBC News deliberately misquoted Real Women's principled position in favour of basic human rights in an attempt to shut down their organization, to "shut down resistance" to "the erosion of Canadian rights and freedoms in the wake of a push for the gay agenda".

Now Real Women fancy themselves "resistance" fighters. Do they now imagine themselves as clandestine militants fighting for "basic human freedoms" against an oppressive regime in occupied France, Belgium or Norway during the second world war? The "erosion of Canadian rights and freedoms" they refer to pertains to the fact their boisterous supporters in various media discussion blogs must now voice their hatreds and bigotry under cover of anonymity, whereas they once felt free to openly voice their hatreds and display their bigotry in public with impunity.

As for the misrepresentation of Real Women's so-called "principled stand" in favour of basic human rights, Real Women's letter to Baird, which they wrote, edited and reviewed prior to release, made no mention of "basic human rights", they complained of outside political interference violating the sovereign rights of Russia and Uganda with respect to their own "internal affairs", that is to treat their own citizens however they wish free of outside criticism and "interference".

Gwen Landolt clarified her stance as being "utterly opposed to capital punishment" across the board, even with respect to "homosexual execution". As for human rights, for Real Women such rights are analogous to insurance coverage, there are "basic rights" which include protection from being "tortured, jailed or killed" simply due to one's sexual orientation, such persecution being "abhorrent to Canadian values" and to all "reasonable people" per Real Women's subsequent clarification, then there are a "broad spectrum of homosexual rights" including parading around, advocating a gay lifestyle, proselytizing as if gays were some Christian sect, Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses, seeking to recruit to such lifestyle. The latter "broad spectrum" of rights Landolt finds offensive to Conservative values, as it erodes and inhibits the freedom of bigots to openly practice and express their bigotry free of any limits or reprisals.

Thus she complains the current government is not limiting itself to advocacy of "basic human rights" overseas but is extending its campaign to "broad spectrum" advocacy.

deb said...

I like fake women better:P