Thursday, August 08, 2013

Freedom Cruise Update: The 70

The first evidence emerges that Ezra Levant's "Freedom Cruise" is not an elaborate hoax.  Through the link given at bottom you can see the uncropped version of this shot, with Ezra himself and FrackNation co-director Magdalena Segieda visible to the right.

Lets analyze what we can see here a bit, shall we:
Minus Ezra and Magdalena,  I count 70 people in this, the ship's theater of the Holland America Line's ms Zuiderdam. My count includes special guests John Robson and Patrick Moore, visible towards the back.  Also, from the flaming hairdoo, I suspect that the dark, standing figure rear-center is Brian Lilley.  These people can be fairly described as Ezra's personal "base", his acolytes.

Note that the facial expressions are, generally speaking grim.  The audience has just seen FrackNation, and has been informed that the second half of the double-bill will be Atlas Shrugged, Part I.  A few of  them are probably praying for death right about now.

And speaking of proximity to death, note also that, generally speaking, this crowd shall I put it...not too mobile. They won't be leading a conservative revolution any time soon, unless their walkers come with a jet-pack attached.
PS.  Picture can be seen better if you click on it.


Jim Parrett said...

Now that Sun News has been denied mandatory carriage, where will Ezra and Brian go?

double nickel said...

Hopefully overboard.

The Mound of Sound said...

No, I'm pretty sure they're assembled for the mandatory briefing on lifeboat procedures and proper operation of the disability toilets.

deb said...

ezra might become a politician? he tried before, maybe its his time...he can march to ottawa and demand changes/ stop all environmental regulations. He can demand the dismantling of the cbc.
He can ask for more subsidies for oil companies, to help pay for their pesky spills:P
Oh wait, harpers on it:P

Oh well back to the oil lobby, and hopefully he can disappear into a cubicle somewhere.

Reality Bites said...

That's no ship theatre. Just a meeting room.

The theatre holds 738 people and looks like this:

pmoharper said...

I laughed out loud at Ezra's tweet for this photo, describing it as a "diverse crowd"