Sunday, March 01, 2009

Waiting Is The Hardest Part...

The anti-Kinsella Jihad stretches on and on as BCF, Jay, and others look for Iggy to act on some email they dug up somewhere that purports to show WK doing something really, really awful, so awful that nobody can give it a name.

I think we're in day six of the "scandal", and apparently nobody...not Iggy nor anyone in the MSM... has realized its depth and depravity. Steyn has even come forward and summoned the gods of poncy rhetoric...but still nothing. WK remains employed!

I should just mention at this point that a few of these characters tried to get me sacked about a year ago. And I don't know if their followers really reflect the several thousand visits I got at the time, or whether its 100 people with 30 sock-puppets each, but I can confirm that whatever the number this bunch is probably the most inept, politically ineffectual, and down-right bone headed gang of political agitators I have ever, ever come across. They couldn't organize a panic on a sinking submarine. It is truly a weird thing to be hated by so many people that are so entirely useless out there in the real world, and it must be hard for someone like Steyn or Kate to realize that the small army of wing-nuts they command are more likely to sprain their wrists pounding away furiously on a key-board than do any actual damage to their "enemies".


Mitka said...

Well I have been following this comedy of stupidity with great amusemnet. Let me see if I can sum up where we are:

1. The loony right (and never before has a name been so apt) claims that Warren Kinsella was fired from some committee of the Canadian Jewish Congress. They produce no proof but spread the smear far and wide. In fact Warren claims he resigned.

2. Then the loony right float the bizarre theory that it wasn't the CJC that fired Kinsella but another group the Canada Israel committee that fired Kinsella from the CJC. That's right folks figure that one out. BTW still no proof just innuendo till now.

3. Following much pushing from folks who hate rumour-mongering the loony right come up with some sort of email that claims to be from Warren (or so the story goes) that may or may not tell us something terrible. Of course no one actually releases this email so we can see for ourselves, in other words more rumour-mongering.

That seems to be ths story to date. Much ado about nothing really. Although it does demonstarte the depths of absolute mud that these people are willing to sink into.

Scott Tribe said...

I didn't even realize they had a anti-Warren jihad going on.. shows how ineffective it's been.

Ti-Guy said...

For the life of me, I can't really figure this out. It's three people, all linking to each other and passing that off as sources.

BlazingCatsAss even links to the very selfsame posts in which the link is found:

"Drip7 - SMOKE OR FIRE ? ? Fire, definitely Fire;)

Anyway, BCF once went around claming that Canadian Cynic was going to be sued. He/she is just really a liar.

Anonymous said...

The entire thing sounds to me like a vendetta against Warren from rightwing extremist bloggers. Its just so damn silly really, making up stuff , with no real source other than each other.

It is mean-spirited and in the end exposes exactly what these bloggers are, small-minded, petty people who just make up things.

Ti-Guy said...

Depending on the consequences, it could be considered a criminal conspiracy.

A very lame one, mind you...

Balbulican said...

The strange thing, though, is that it all has no impact or credibility outside their own little circle. They're not reaching anyone outside their own, closed, self-validating community. So what's the point?

Ti-Guy said...

You'd have to ask Jay Currie that. I've never quite understood what motivates this and it's quite possible you might get a reasonably sensible answer from him.

...the others are just garden variety lunatics and hysterics, so there's no point in even trying to ask.

Mitka said...

Im not so sure about Jay Currie to be honest. He has spread as much garbage as the the other lunatics. Isn't he the one who claimed the CIC voted to fire Warren from the CJC? And check out his blog...nothing but bullying and intimidation tactics. Frankly I am surprised that Farber of the CJC even returned his call. Farber is clearly trying to be open and transparent but Currie insults him anyway. Then again Farber may not have called Currie at all. Its all so sordid and Currie is part of the problem.

Ti-Guy said...

Yeah, but on some level, I get the feeling that Currie, unlike the other wingnuts, is aware that he's completely indifferent to the truth and that making assertions that can't be proved is just "free speech" and that, in and of itself, is a bold act of defiance and is revolutionary

Most of us learn the pointlessness of that by end of high school, mind you, but not our little Jay.

I get the impression the other loonies, on the other hand, actually believe the nonsense they're writing.

Mitka said...

Ti-Guy, hold on to that dream, I on the other hand will be a bit more of a realist and take Currie at face value, a neo-Con (with the stress on "con")who like his hero, Ezra, sees nothing wrong with making up tales to hurt people.

Ti-Guy said...

Well, I don't know enough about him to assert anything with confidence. He's just some raging mediocrity who claims to be a writer living BC as far as I know.

He has lied often enough, though...but in that curious way wingnuts asserting things that cannot be proved/disproved very easily.

buckets said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jaycurrie said...

My ears are burning.

A couple of points. I have seen some of the emails in question. There is no doubt at all that the Jackal threatened the CIC with marginalization if they had Kate and Kathy on the projected Israel trip. And the email made it very clear that the mighty Jackal would advise the LPC to have nothing further to do with the CIC.

I suspect these emails, as well as other material I have not seen, will hit the public domain in due course.

Now, I'll leave it to you earnest diggers to connect the dots between the CIC and the CJC you might want to check out the 2007 CJC plenary.

Mitka, of course Farber returned my call and if you want you can call him and confirm that. He was not terribly illuminating.

A couple of things which you all might ponder: a) the Jackal left the CJC on short notice claiming to have done so because of the imminence of an election - do any of you gentlemen really think there is likely to be a federal election this year, b) there is no question that the Jackal tried to keep Kathy off Paikin's show on TVO - he brags about it. And there is no question that Paikin believed that the Jackal used implied threats to attempt to accomplish this.

When it comes to the Jackal there is no need to make stuff up - he provides an endless wealth of examples of bully boy tactics. More examples will be forthcoming.

So now, as to motive - the Lying Jackal uses threats to silence people he disagrees with. I don't think that is something a person advising a man who might become Prime Minister ought to be doing. So I am doing my bit to see if he can be stopped. Or, alternatively, removed from any formal position of influence in the LPC.

Anonymous said...

"Now, I'll leave it to you earnest diggers to connect the dots between the CIC and the CJC you might want to check out the 2007 CJC plenary."

Mr. Currie, I was a delegate at the 2007 plenary, the same one that brought together over 800 Canadian Jews from coast to coast. I have been a volunteer with CJC and UJA for years. I know them pretty well. and I have no idea what you mean by the quote above.

Secondly, my legal training has always told me never to accept anything without some proof. I've seen snippets of these alleged email(s) on other blogs but can find absolutely no verification. I take it you do not know too much about email technology but they are the easiest to fabticate. So unless you can get one of the parties that are part of this alleged email to verify it (they) remain no more than the ugly innuendo and allegations that have continued to follow this Kinsella matter.

So until there is verification all you do is promote mis-truths and fabrications.

noonespecial200 said...

Well there's certainly some sort of concerted effort to go after Kinsella. We moderate our comments on our blog and there have been quite a few that we haven't published that have targeted Kinsella. We all were wondering why Kinsella was the focus of so much vitriol in such a relatively short period of time.

If they're posting this stuff on our relatively insignificant blog, then there I have to wonder about the extent of this endeavor.

Mitka said...

noonespecial200, I think your are quite right. Someone is out to get Kinsella and the smell is coming from the loony right. Makes sense to a certain extent, after-all he is a trouble maker for them and if they can get rid of him before the next election they would breath a sigh of relief.

But here is the kicker, they are so inept they couldn't figure out their way to the house next door with a map.

* They make allegations but offer nothing to back them up.

* They make claims that confuse two Jewish organizations suggesting they are one in the same or both or not at all...well you see what I mean.

* They allege email proof of this "whatever" but don't show it or offer any proof that it is real.

Folks whoever is heading this effort let's hope he/she sticks around. They are if nothing elase worth a good laugh.

Ti-Guy said...

My ears are burning.

Doubtless the advanced stages of syphilis.

So I am doing my bit to see if he can be stopped. Or, alternatively, removed from any formal position of influence in the LPC.

What a hero.

Problem with you, Currie is that, on balance, your associates are so unsavoury that you have no credibility.

Your vendetta and conspiracies against Kinsella are the least of the stupid things you've said and done in your life, by the way. On the whole, it manifests nothing but a personality disorder, to my mind anyway.

buckets said...

My guess is that there are at least two different agendas at work with the anti-Kinsella stuff. First, there are a number for whom the motivation is mostly personal. This has been around for a while. Ezra, FD, etc. To be differentiated from this, I think, are the sniping that we've heard coming from the CPC caucus. This is mostly opportunism, I'm guessing. Kinsella supported Ignatiev and can be presented as his 'senior aide'. Therefore if Kinsella stumbles (as with the Chinese restaurant) this group attack him as a way of attacking Iggy and the Liberals. And when they do this, the first group piles on.

Ti-Guy said...

My guess is that there are at least two different agendas at work

Three if you count garden-variety personality disorders that the Right and right wing libertarians (who are the the looniest0 suffer from, en masse.

noonespecial200 said...

"Doubtless the advanced stages of syphilis."

Oh Ti-Guy. This and so much else of what you write here is the reason why you always manage to bring a smile to my face. Thanks for that.

"But here is the kicker, they are so inept they couldn't figure out their way to the house next door with a map."

I agree Mitka. The closest they've come to anything remotely concrete on the blog I participate on is a YouTube link where Lois Brown states that "according to sources" (whomever those might be) that Kinsella was fired by the CJC, "because of his misconduct." No mention of what "misconduct" Kinsella allegedly engaged in. She then goes on to talk about his efforts to prevent Shaidle from appearing on the TVO program, "an outrageous attempt to interfere in the independence of a public broadcaster." She then goes on to "Catscam" and Kinsella's "anti-Chinese bigotry" and ends with a demand that Kinsella be fired.

Like I said, this is the CLOSEST they've come to anything concrete on our blog and it isn't concrete at all; just a rehash of the vague allegations and accusations that are being posted.

I don't get their angle here. Do they really think the average voter in Canada pays that much attention to political advisers? If this is an attempt to divert people's attention from their inept handling of the economy, they are even stupider than I thought because this has no legs outside a rather close-knit community in the blogosphere.

I do find it interesting that she condemns Kinsella for his terrible joke (and it was pretty stupid) that he apologized for yet Ms. Brown leaps to the defense of Shaidle who has written blatantly racist comments about the Chinese.

Mitka said...

"The closest they've come to anything remotely concrete on the blog I participate on is a YouTube link where Lois Brown states that "according to sources" (whomever those might be) that Kinsella was fired by the CJC, "because of his misconduct." No mention of what "misconduct" Kinsella allegedly engaged in. "

Ah yes the "Lois Brown" conspiracy theory...OK what is it that Brown uncovers? Nothing! No proof, zippo just the regular BS that her "sources" (read the loony right) provided her.

She has to be crazier than a dipstick to have bought into this throw-up.

jaycurrie said...

Here you go boys and girls...The Jackal writes:

Mitka said...

Jay (he who believes anything) Currie: "Here you go boys and girls...The Jackal writes:
That's it!!!??? That's all you have??? Then you are more dimwitted than I would have ever imagined possible. A five year old could have made up that email. Where is the proof, the verification? Has anyone actually authenticated this alleged email? Hell even the blogger who posted this dreck (as dimwitted as Jay, clearly) says its an "alleged" email, and Jay takes it as gospel.

Ok folks time to break this up,...there is no news here just a band of loony rightwing bloggers knuckle-dragging there way to supper, bibs and all. I f***ing cannot believe all the time that has been wasted on this BS!!!!!!

Ti-Guy said...

Here you go boys and girls

I'm not clicking to that pig's site, Currie.

jaycurrie said...

It's confirmed Mitka. Bet you a buck the Jackal will never deny sending it. He'll spin it but he won't say it was not his email. Why? Because that email is just a tiny part of a much larger exchange. And the Jackal knows that he does not control that exchange.

But, hey, keep hope alive and all.

noonespecial200 said...

Wow. If this is all you boys and girls have got, you all are in worse shape than I thought.

I especially enjoy the number of vague accusations which, as proof of their veracity, link to like-minded blogs containing identical vague accusations. Very incestuous if you ask me.

Whether the email is true or not, if you think that this story has legs and will result in the Conservative majority you all have wet dreams about, you're all very sadly deluding yourselves. But don't let me stop you. Cary on. These diversions certainly worked for the Republicans down south of the 49th.

bigcitylib said...

Assuming that's a real email than my first response is so what?

Mitka said...

"It's confirmed Mitka. Bet you a buck the Jackal will never deny sending it"...Jay Currie
If its confirmed please give us the proof. Are you saying that Warren HAS confirmed it? Secondly, what the hell is the problem exactly with this potentially fake email anyway? I simply don't get it?

Anonymous said...

I am now beginning to wonder if these "emails" that Jay has been pointing to are even true. I mean we have been asking for days now that some form of verification be given and it has not happened. Why then should we believe this?

Ti-Guy said...

Why then should we believe this?

Currie doesn't even care if *he* believes it, much less anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Folks isn't it time to call this bluff once and for all? If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, what else can it be? Well in this case this duck looks like a huge scam. There remains nothing but this "email" that no one will verify!! I honestly believe the email is made up in order to get Warren Kinsella and through him Michael Ignatieff. There can be no other answer. The rightwing creepers have supposedly had this email for days and we have studily fretted over it. Its over. Let's move on.

jaycurrie said...

Tell you what ohara, why not just ask the Jackal...we have the emails but he sent at least one of them. He can confirm or deny and then you can carry on.

I'd ask but being the defender of free speech that he is the Jackal does not accept comments from me.

Anonymous said...

Jay, you have some nerve. You buy into what seems to be a made-up story about emails that no one confirms. When the crap comes down around you , then you demand others try to confirm the lie. UH UH not me fella. You have proven once again what a sucker you are.

jaycurrie said...

ohara, I have no doubt at all that the email(s) in question are authentic. You are questioning the story - go check it out.

After all we have a couple of datapoints: we know the Lying Jackal tried to have Kathy kicked from Ste Paikin's show. We know that for an unexplained reason the Jackal's relationship with the CJC was terminated.

Could it be that the Jackal tried the same strong arm tactics with the CIC who got pissed and told the CJC to sever ties? Presumably the Jackal knows so ask him. Here's his day number 416-642-3100.

But remember to ask him the straight question - did he send email to the CIC about Kathy and Kate. You need to be broad with the Jackal 'cause, you know, he lies.

Mitka said...

Mr. Currie, Ohara8667 has been more than patient with you. He has asked you to provide proof, any proof that the emails you reference are authentic. Instead you provide obfuscation and trickery.

This is about only one thing the alleged email. Your pitiful attempts at trying to manoever it elsewhere would be laughable were it not that you and the others have made allegations that could harm a person's livelyhood. And you have done so wrecklessly and without thought. You are shameless.

Either provide proof that everyone here has been asking for or apologize. If you can do neither you are nothing but a snake in the grass. My grandmother use to have a great expression when she spoke of people like you she would say "Feh"!!

Anonymous said...

Jay Currie, Mitka, Ti-Guy, Ohara8667 , BCL and all the others have been asking over and over, can you verify the emails. You have been playing a game of dodge ball and what is apparent to me and virtually everyone who has been reading this thread is that someone (I will give you reluctantly the benefit of the doubt) has sucked you in with this email and you are left holding the proverbial bag.

Jay Currie, the game is up.

You can continue to squirm and look even more desperately pitiful , you can do the honourable thing and apologize or you can just stop posting here. Look forward to the choice you make.

Ti-Guy said...

Jay Currie, Mitka, Ti-Guy, Ohara8667 , BCL and all the others have been asking over and over, can you verify the emails.

I haven't. I couldn't possibly care less. It's Jay Currie for God's sakes. He believes Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were shipped to Syria, calls Noam Chomsky an apologist for Holocaust deniers and pals around with white supremacists.

He also runs around his house in bra and panties screaming "Jackal, Jackal, Jackal!" It's true...I have the emails.

jaycurrie said...

bigcitylib said...

Jay, Oh my! Still unverified and, if verified, trivial.

Glad you guys are obsessing over this and not trying to, for example, craft a coherent response as to why S. Harper suddenly thinks Afgh. is a lost cause.

jaycurrie said...

Good luck with the trivial spin BCL. Apparently the CIC didn't see it as trivial.

(As to Harper suddenly coming around to the NDP position, as I am not a CPCer, I can Happily say I think he's wrong.)

Mitka said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mitka said...

Currie: "Good luck with the trivial spin BCL. Apparently the CIC didn't see it as trivial. "

Any proof the CIC didn't see it as trivial? Oh of course the email. Wait a second you mean the email no one has verified?

bigcitylib said...

The funniest thing is: why is the guy's name redacted? WK would surely know who he was.

jaycurrie said...

I agree, the Jackal knows exactly who he wrote and who wrote him back. And, no doubt, would be more than willing to share...I posted the Daisy phone number above. I take it no one has had the ball to give the Jackal a call.

bigcitylib said...

Yeah but why is your guy chicken?

jaycurrie said...

Why do you think the redaction has anything to do with his being "our guy" or "chicken"? As far as I can see this is a stand up guy who told the Martinites to piss off when they came for the Jackal's head.

But I can understand BCF's reluctance to publish the name. After all, he was not the bully here.

bigcitylib said...

Yeah, but why? If WK already knows the guy's name, and the guy has already betrayed a trust and published a private email from WK, what has he got left to hide?

Give us a name dude. Otherwise it looks fake.

(And if it isn't fake then trivial. The only difference in the end is gonna be how stupid YOU look)

jaycurrie said...

As I said BCL, it apparently wasn't trivial to the CIC.

jaycurrie said...

And, by the way BCL, think for a moment about your conspiracy theory. If us evil righties were hot to discredit the Jackal (assuming such a thing were possible) with "fake" emails why would we stop at publishing some CIC guy's name...Here's a list to chose from right in their Ottawa office:

Shimon Fogel, Chief Executive Officer
David Cooper, Director, Government Relations
Richard Marceau, Senior Advisor, Government Relations
Noah Shack, Government Relations Research Associate
Norma Wilkes, Executive Assistant

If we were just making stuff up why would we scruple at a name?

But spin could, of course clear it up with a phone call in the morning. Bernie says he does not talk about CJC admin stuff; but nothing is stopping the Jackal from denying he wrote anything to the CIC. I fact, I am surprised he hasn't said so already on his blog.

Mitka said...

Ya see Jay there you go again...BCL asks a reasonable question; he rightly says it looks fake if you redact the name (exactly what many of us are thinking) refuse to give the name and refuse to verify it. What are we to think Jay? This "stand-up" guy let him verify it. Hell let anyone at the CIC verify it, I mean you seem to have good contacts there so go for it. Failure to do so Jay betrays this entire conspiracy...a conspiracy (that is) of utter triviality.

jaycurrie said...

Well I am sure one of the Jackal's legions, huddled here for protection against reality, will man up in the morning and give the Jackal a call...Scroll up for the number.

After all, you're the folks asserting that the emails are fake. I know they are genuine; but you can clear it all up with a phone call to the mighty Jackal in the morning.

I look forward to the result.

Ti-Guy said...

I see Currie is still at it.

Only your demented wingnut friends call up strangers at their place of work and hassle them over about their stupid obsessions, you cretin.

Now, those WMD's in that the weirdest thing you've ever believed, or are you even loopier than that?

JustAnotherWesterner said...

Well given Kinsella's propensity for lawsuits, I'd say if he hasn't filed one by 9:00 am that would be acknowledgement that they are indeed his emails. Political influence pedalling by a top Liberal strategist.
Iggy's got a problem

jaycurrie said...

Just another Westerner...surely you don't think the Jackal just files that stuff for show...shock...outrage!

Nope, when the Jackal sues someone he has to actually mean it...and he can't possibly mean it here. After all, the Jackal is not dumb enough to file a lawsuit where he has no chance of winning.

Nope, I suspect the Jackal will go to ground and just hope that the BCL spin - plus a good dose of third party denial - will see him through.

It won't, but our host is welcome to try.

The Jackal's brain...
Trivial...of no consequence, threating Liberal Party threatening Jews...nice, good, the Jews deserve it. They were bad Jews...Hate Kate, hate Kathy...KK one more and were done. Bernie loves me. Loves me like Gollum loves the Ring. Jews love me. No, I know, I have awards and they love my special friend Lucie. Bernie just kicked me out because of the money...NDA. Jews Love me. I slept on Bernie's couch. They really, really, love me. So much.

Mitka said...

Jay all I can say is thank God you no longer practice law.

Law101-eveidence-let's see if I can make this simple since this is a course you seemed to have alread failed a couple of times; when alleged evidence is produced it must be verified as authentic (that means REAL Jay). If it is not properly verified it is considered useless.

Checkout Lorraine vs Markel as a modern example. But for novices suffice to say that "chain of custody" alone would destroy any illusions you have about authenticating your email.

I know this is a bit complicated Jay but civil society (a concept you may have problems understanding)demands much rigour when anyone attempts to make allegations against people that can harm their person or reputation. You see Jay, anyone can "make-up" an email today and claim it came from someone else. That is why strict rules of law are in place for the accuser to prove authentication of any evidence to be used.

Hope you paid attention since there will be an exam after lunch (Lord, Lord Lord)

JustAnotherWesterner said...

After lunch. Will that be before or after Kinsella's defamation lawsuit is filed?

jaycurrie said...

Just another Westerner...lunch has come and gone with no writ from the Jackal...

Any of the brave commentors here given him a call? Scroll up for the number.

JustAnotherWesterner said...

Could it be Kinsella's still asleep? OK till the close of court today.

Lakish said...

Jay you are clearly living on another planet. I won't call you an idiot but hell its difficult. Its your allegation and YOU have to prove it!!! If you can't then I and many many others will just accept the fact that you have tried to pull a fast one and shame on you for doing it!!

Ti-Guy said...

Like I said, Currie is completely indifferent to whether there's any truth here. Not that it's suicidal for any organisation to associate with KKKate and KKKathy.

JustAnotherWesterner said...

Well, what? We should give Kinsella another day to file his outrage?
What's new? I just got in, haven't had time to check all the sources. Has Warrin' fired back? Is he affronted by this libelous indignity? Where's the fireworks? The lawsuits? The proclamations of "LIAR!" "I protest this is slander! Defamation! I will take it take it to the highest court!" Warrin'. your silence is deafening.