Friday, July 31, 2009

What Diane Ablonczy's Up To This Summer

She's off on a Staycation, driving from Ottawa to Calgary in what appears to be a blue motor-home.

As the Minister for Small Business & Tourism I thought that a great way to spend my vacation this summer would be seeing all the wonders of my great country! I hope that you will follow my adventures and suggest sights and attractions.

Sounds like she's not only had some of her ministerial duties rescinded, but has taken a pay cut as well. So far, the only advice on destinations she's received is "the Chip Truck near Kenora". I'm sure my readers can suggest a few more interesting locales between The Peace Tower and Calgary. For instances, there's that shop in Scarborough that sells bondage gear, and there must be a few good sex parades happening along her route.



Ti-Guy said...

She's Facebooking it, blogging it and twittering it. How mavericky.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone in the media during this old charade ever commented on the fact that Ablonczy never issued a statement - to my knowledge - on the whole "it wasn't really a demotion" scam the conservatives tried to peddle?

Wouldn't that have been the logical statement to come out during the flare-up?

The fact that she didn't - or if she did it was so meek as to be easily overlooked - convinces me more than anything that she was punished for executing her duties faithfully instead of per conservative doctrine. And, yes, she was punished for doing so.

Ti-Guy said...

We'll never know until all freedom of information requests everyone, including journalists (and probably civil servants at this point) have to submit to get this government to respond to anything candidly, are processed. Possibly in a year or two.

I think Monte Solberg's defense of his friend Ablonczy reflects the reality of the situation, although he wasn't very candid either.

Skinny Dipper said...

Had she taken the southern Lake Superior route through the US and A, she could have stayed at a motel in North Dakota that charged by the hour. I found out the hard way when I was asked how many hours I needed a room. I was figuring, "It's 9 pm now and I will leave before 9 am--12 hours!" The receptionist lady with all those snake tattoos told me to drive to the Motel-6 a half hour down the road.

C4SR said...

It seems like a perfect opportunity for some local journalist to ask the Minister herself whether she was demoted.

A couple of blogs later and a local interest / Ministerial visit story is national news.

Who in PMO thought this was a good idea?

And who is paying for this staycation?

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