Friday, July 10, 2009

So Is Brad Trost Now Distributing Marquee Tourism Event Funds?

SoCons gone rogue, it looks like:

Saskatoon-Humboldt MP Brad Trost isn't backing away from a statement he made to an anti-abortion website earlier this week about Toronto's Pride Week being a polarizing and political event that should not have received federal funding.

And here's the kicker:

Trost said he was aware the federal government, under Canadian Heritage, funded Saskatoon's Pride Festival in June with a $9,000 grant to the Saskatoon Diversity Network.

"I've been aware of it. I'm a fiscal conservative so I've been urging reductions all across the board on all sorts of issues, not just on heritage funding," he said.

The MP said he hasn't reviewed all of the Canadian events that have received funding through MTEP, but so far Toronto Pride Week appears to be the only one he thinks should not have received federal dollars.

"I haven't actually looked through the whole entire list, but it may be that this one is the unique one," he said. "I've seen about a partial list of what was funded through this program, but not a complete list."

Trost hopes MTEP eventually expands to fund smaller events such as local parades.

So now we've got your prototype of a back-bench nobody pontificating on where government ministers should be dispensing funds. All when the boss is overseas.

Anyway, Trost's interview winds up with a mini panic attack:

After the interview was over, Trost accused the StarPhoenix reporter of "ambushing" him with questions about the issue and pressed the stop button on her voice recorder.

Thanks to Mr. Trost for keeping this alive into day four. Looks like my work on the file is done. I would just remind readers that, painful as it is to read, the Lifesite should be on your regular visit list. If you want to chase down political crazies, you have to go where the crazy people go.


Roy said...

Sounds like Trost got a little angry if he ended up accusing a reporter of ambushing him and attempted to stop her recording device. I've never heard of somebody messing with a reporters equipment before.

Ti-Guy said...

Both Saskatchewan and Alberta need to revert to territories. Give them back to the native people; they'd do a hell of a better job running them than the nazis who are currently in charge.