Saturday, July 18, 2009

RCMP Investigation Of CHRC Led To Investigation Of Marc Lemire

From some heavily redacted documents on Freedom Site.

During the course of the whole "hacked wifi" non-controversy, CHRC lawyer Kathleen Fawcett sent a letter to RCMP officer S. Turgeon requesting a background cheque on Marc Lemire from the DCAU.

The “DCAU” is the RCMP’s “DIVISION CRIMINAL ANALYTICAL UNIT”, which performs CPIC checks on Canadians. Marc Lemire is the man behind the origonal criminal complaint, and one-time leader of The Heritage Front. On FreedomSite, Lemire writes:

The contents of the message sent by the CHRC’s lawyer were censored from the report, but the RCMP immediately turned around and investigated Lemire*.

Not much further can be gleaned from the RCMP documents available (see below). But it is clear that:

The RCMP didn't trust complainants Lemire and Don Black of Stormfront.
They made note of the fact that the CHRC was a full 400 metres from Nelly Hechme's apartment (and therefore out of range of a wireless hack).
They also noted that a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) would be required to secure access to Stormfront records, and these are only used for serious criminal matters, not bogus complaints made by white supremacists.
A post from Ezra's site is also included in the RCMP docs.

Full document here.

* Marc often refers to himself in the 3rd person.


Dr.Dawg said...

Wonderful. Another nail in Ezra's coffin, seems to me.

Terrence C. Watson said...

Interesting stuff.

I really wish people would stop claiming that the CHRC "hacked" the woman's wifi account.

First, there's no evidence.

Second, if her wifi was open and unsecured, it hardly counts as hacking (if anyone did it at all.) It's not hacking if the wireless access point isn't secured. Otherwise, I'd be a pretty bad ass hacker, because my IPod regularly connects to unsecured wireless access points on its own while I'm walking around with it.

I'd be kind of impressed if CHRC staff had hacked into a secured access point. But why would they bother when they could just go to Starbucks and get free and open wifi there?

bigcitylib said...

Exactly, Terrence. As a matter of fact, the initial reports were wrong. Or at least Hechme later claimed her account was secure.

Ti-Guy said...

Any talk of the CHRC connecting to Hechme's internet service at all is a distraction. There is no evidence for that. All we ever had was the information provided by Lemire, the credibility of which could not be verified.

Everyone seems to take Lemire's assertion -- that a particular IP, associated with a particular username, connected on a particular day -- at face value. But no one's ever been able to verify that.

Mitka said...

I just do not undeerstand why Levant gets away with his continual attempts at making things up. Even when Professor Richard Moon exposed Levant for his untruths, he continued and some in the MSM continue to fawn over him.

Ti-Guy said...

I just do not undeerstand why Levant gets away with his continual attempts at making things up.

Our libel laws suck, Mitka.

buckets said...

Ti-Guy, the IP number itself is not too difficult to believe, given that two storm-front administrators have attested to it separately. (For the details, see my summary post on the Steacy/Jadewarr wifi hacking allegation, especially points two and three.) The point is that the IP was associated with the one and only post that Steacy/Jadewarr had made, and that was made months before.

Ti-Guy said...

Oh, Buckets, don't make me think about this anymore. The only way Lemire's assertions can be verified is for someone to access Stormfront's server's logs directly to examine the data. Logs which, I'm sure, even under the most stringent and ethical of records management policies, are no longer available.