Friday, July 24, 2009

Tory On Tory Violence: No Youth Wing Blog And Facebook Page Threatened With Lawsuits, Pulled Down

The story about a group of young Conservatives trying to establish a CPoC "youth wing", and a 2nd group of Conservatives (including, apparently, several CPoC staffers) who launched a "No Youth Wing" blog and Facebook site, got some media attention when Susan Delacourt posted on it a week or so ago.

Now--perhaps in the face of legal threats outlined here--both the "No Youth Wing" blog and facebook page have been made to disappear. Furthermore, a 2nd facebook site has been created dedicated to the proposition that the staffers behind the "No Youth Wing" faction should be fired. I see that Cherniak has joined, and now so have I.

Ah, summer in the blogosphere.

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Ti-Guy said...

Big Daddy needs to start spanking.

Where is he, anyway? His kids are out of control.