Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bitch Bitch Bitch

From Guy Lauzon:

In June, by a 38-33 vote, Michael Ignatieff's Liberals voted to delay crucial Conservative legislation (Bill C-15) that would crack down on drug crime and on the criminal gangs that profit from illegal drugs. The Ignatieff Liberals also voted to block a vital law that would crack down on auto theft (Bill C-26). Michael Ignatieff and his Liberals continue to use the Senate to oppose and obstruct the tough new laws. The Liberals are using unelected Senators to block the will of the House of Commons and to ignore the needs of law-abiding Canadians. Enough is enough. We cannot let Michael Ignatieff and Liberal Party use the unelected Senate to stop legislation that is urgently needed to protect the safety and security of Canadians.

Actually, the June vote was in the Senate (Iggy and Co. supported C-15 in the House), and since its barely been a month since the Bills in question arrived, you can hardly blame the Senators for exercising their sober second thoughts.

In any case, it does look like the Liberals are tilting right in the HOC, and displaying common-sense in the back rooms. Too bad they can't do it in public.


Prairie Kid said...

No matter what it looks like on the surface, lets check to see what the Liberals really think of crime.

1. The Liberals came up with the faint hope clause.
2. The Liberals came up with concurrent sentencing.
3. The Liberals came up with the Youth Justice Act.
4. The Liberals came up with conditional sentences.

The list is longer but I think you get the idea.

Northern PoV said...


and in the real world, crime rates continues to drop to historical lows...

ya I get the idea ... that progressive policies and social justice continue to improve our civil society

Gayle said...

1. The liberals came up with mandatory minimums for gun crimes
2. The liberals came up with the DNA registry
3. The liberals came up with the gun registry
4. The liberals came up with the sex offenders registry
5. The liberals came up with anti-stalking legislation
6. The liberals revamped the entire drug crimes legislation (the CPC only want to make minor amendments to a lengthy and well thought out drug crime bill (the CDSA)
7. The liberals created legislation that allows for the monitoring of sex offenders in the community after their release
8. The liberals revamped the Young Offenders Act by creating the YCJA - which makes it easier to sentence seriously violent offenders to custody, or as adults, and makes it harder to put youth convicted of minor offences in jail - which resulted in an almost immediate decrease in youth crime

I have absolutely no idea why you think the liberals came up with concurrent sentencing. Care to post a link on that?

The CPC have done absolutely nothing of substance on crime legislation. All they have done is introduce relatively minor amendments to existing legislation. Even with that legislation they continuously delay it in order to use it as a political tool.

I will be impressed once they stop grandstanding for their base and put their minds to doing something useful.

Gayle said...

By the way, the faint hope clause was introduced by the Trudeau government in 1976, was not touched by the Mulroney government, and was amended by the Chretien government to make it more difficult for prisoners to access this right.

Ti-Guy said...

I have absolutely no idea why you think the liberals came up with concurrent sentencing. Care to post a link on that?

Hopefully, on his own goddamn blog

I wonder what's brought "The Kid" out recently. Has the Internet run out of Hentai?

Gene Rayburn said...

My money's on that he's not taking his dementia meds again. That would explain why a 70something keeps calling himself kid.

Mike said...

Prairie Kid

All of which work, considering crime has been dropping steadily for 19 years.

You should be thanking them.

Jesus, how stupid are you?

If you really want to take a serious "bite our of drug crime" legalize the drugs. It will end the violence and profiteering by organized crime instantly.

You'll notice the mob and the Hells Angels aren't into running whiskey anymore...