Saturday, July 11, 2009

T.O Garbage Strike Nears End?

The word I'm hearing is that the city is starting to cave.

For one thing, while its been hard on the strikers, the management staff replacing them has been working 7 day weeks and pulling double-shifts to keep it all together. And if you've been posted to one of the dump-sites, you're basically facing a gang of angry garbage-men--shirtless under the hot sun, their torsos well-oiled with manly sweat--who have been pitching bags of kitchen waste at you for two plus weeks (the union takes garbage from citizens and then "transfers" it to management staff, sometimes violently).

But the most important factor is: Scotia Bank doesn't want to get stuck with the clean-up tab for Caribana, and word has been going around in the local Caribbean community that the whole thing has been cancelled. That's not true, yet, but the city doesn't want to lose a week's worth of tourist business, so they're looking for a negotiating out. My wife tells me she may even be back at work this week if the union thinks there is something viable on the table. Sounds serious, too; she's been a lot happier the past couple of days and has started shopping again.

If not, well, she received weapons training with her picket sign at the big UAW rally on Thursday. People with trash to drop off may want to avoid Bermondsey. She prefers a two-handed grip.

(PS. Unions has rejected latest city offer, put counter-offer on table.)


Ti-Guy said...

-shirtless under the hot sun, their torsos well-oiled with manly sweat--

You ruined the imagery for Paul S. with the use of the word "sweat." That's a little raw for his delicate sensibilities.

I suggest "their muscled torsos glistening with perspiration.."

There ya go, Paul.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you peoples in Toronto for this mess,but you are going to pay for this threw higher tax's. Your provincial government in all of this is acting like Pontius Pilate. You guys want to continue to pay higher tax's than everything is fine.

bigcitylib said...


PaulS will secretly love it. Deep down he's a skank.

Ti-Guy said...

I hope not. That gives us skanks a bad name.

Scanner said...

Can I tell "proud canadian" to go pound sand? concern troll.

Ti-Guy said...

His comment is too illiterate to determine exactly what he's about...plain troll, "concern troll," or otherwise.

wv: "cochole."

...settle down, Paul S.

Anonymous said...

What I'm saying is that people from Toronto are going to pay for this strike threw higher taxes. The union will not settle for less. You can bet on it that Toronto will have to pay more for garbage collection. Unions have to understand that there is an economics crises going on. Now if you people can't understand this and just want to insult people well to bad.It only shows your immaturity.So just be happy look at the way your city is going down the drain and enjoy paying taxes threw the roof. After that you could all gang-up on the federal government and blame all Toronto's problem on them.

Peace out!

Ti-Guy said...

We're all going to have to pay more taxes, now that Canada is locked into structural deficits for the foreseeable future.

We're just going to get Albertans to pay more. Mwa ha ha!..