Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whom You Would De-Homofy, You Must First Defund

Given Kady's musings re the Tory's witholding of funds for the Montreal, gay and lesbian arts festival Divers-Cite, it seems apropos to mention this open letter to Stephen Harper from REAL Women National President Cecilia Forsyth, which appeared on July 16th on the website of the Canada Family Action Coalition. That, of course, is Charles McVety's gang. In the letter, Ms. Forsyth criticizes the Harper Tories for funding Toronto's Gay Pride Parade, and makes a vague threat:

There can be no long-term stimulus by giving taxpayers’ money to homosexual groups. Such individuals do not make a substantive contribution to society by producing and raising children – essential for the future of our country. Instead, their high medical and social costs are not a public benefit. Canadian families are struggling in these difficult economic times, and a grant of this magnitude, to promote a hedonistic lifestyle, serves only to devalue their struggle.

The Conservative government’s decision to contribute to the promotion and marketing of the Toronto Gay Pride Parade condones the homosexual life style. It is an indication of your government’s abandonment of your political base. A low voter turnout in federal elections is already a concern, and this grant will only serve to exacerbate this problem for the Conservative government.

Yours truly,

Cecilia Forsyth
National President

Pressure successfully applied?

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Ti-Guy said...

I don't see how exposing McVety's Anti-Sex League's influence on the Harper government gets us anywhere. The socons are proud of this and any suggestion that they've succeeded just emboldens them.

I can't believe how they've managed to turn "family" into something totalitarian. I can't pass a Gymboree these days without thinking about either The Village of the Damned or the Hitler Youth. And pregnant women talking to each other are all starting to sound like Atwood's handmaids: "Blessed be the Fruit."