Saturday, July 11, 2009

Harper Backs OWG!

Also notable for how Tony Clement plays Flavor Flav to Harper's Chuck D. This clip is already circulating in the U.S. right-wing nut-o-sphere as an example of how our leaders have sold out. (Stephen Harper meets Al Gore! and etc.)

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Ti-Guy said...

I love how the Right agrees to pass off financial economy regulation as an issue of popular/populist sovereignty, while being completely indifferent to issues of sovereignty in the real economy.

This is just the usual salvo in the class war the capitalist running-dogs have been waging on the middle class since the 80's. Why the middle class swallowed all of this so open-throated remains a mystery to me. Although when I came back to Canada, it seemed that in the space of a few years, every suburban mediocrity I knew seemed to have been transformed into a high-rolling investor, enthusiastically referencing the diversified portfolios it was obvious they didn't (and probably couldn't) really understand.