Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ogopogo...Or No?

A picture taken in 1985 and now on Cryptomundo, where the general consensus seems to be "no". Also in the news: Ogopogo carcass found?

I'm betting "no" on that one too.


Anonymous said...

We caught Ogopogo three summers ago . .. bunch of on a House Boat rental were Beer cruising just north of Summerland and had some troll lines out for Lake Trout . . . instead we hooked into a big one, reeled it in close and then "accidentally" backed over it with the twin Evinrude 250's.

Chewed it up pretty good but we managed to cut 50 kilos of meat off the carcass before it sank.

We lived high on the BBQ for the next three days - Ogopogo steaks marinated in Kokanee & Chipotle sauce.

We have pictures.

bigcitylib said...

Did it taste like chicken?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It is like the loch ness monster, it is just a publicity stunt.

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Anonymous said...

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