Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Iggy In Edmonton: Lets Get Out Of Asbestos Business

Warning! Hardly a sympathetic source, but assuming it isn't outright lies (and I would assume from my experience with the source that it isn't), very interesting:

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is in Edmonton for a few days and last night he held a little town hall style gathering where he took questions from the audience. I would put the crowd at about 450, which is larger than Stephane Dion's numbers last July, and has to be considered a good turnout for an Alberta event.

And here, I think, is something genuinely newsworthy:

Question #11 Asbestos. While in the past Ignatieff has flip flopped on asbestos, tonight there was to be no beating around the bush on this one as Ignatieff answered by saying that "Canada has to be out of the asbestos business. We should not export it and we should not produce it".

And on a carbon tax:

Question #3 was on a carbon tax from someone familiar with Ignatieff's history on the idea. Ignatieff hinted that while he still liked the idea of a carbon tax, the political reality of such a tax makes it impossible to implement in a poor economy. He never ruled it out completely say if the economy improves, but votes ("practical politics") seem to be more important than the environment right now for the LPC.


Ardvark said...

You have "experience with the source"? =)

He was very clear on asbestos and that quote, as well as the others used are accurate.

bigcitylib said...

"You have "experience with the source"? =)"

But don't let my wife know.

Ardvark said...

Once you go ardvark you never go back!

Have a great Canada Day.

Gerrard787 said...

Well good on Iggy for poking his nose into Alberta on a fairly regular basis.

If he wants to make real inreads, he'll have to do something dramatic . . . like show up with a new pet dog he's named Suncor.

Albertans would warm to that. :)

wilson said...

Come to Alberta to talk about Quebec,
say Alberta is French and don't forget it.....yah, real winner, come more often.

He should have again worn that picture of Trudeau in our Edmonton parade to top off his excellent adventure.

wilson said...

And, the big idea about Alberta pipelining crude to the East, already doing it.
Enbridge has the only pipeline to Ontario, and 25% of Ontario's crude is from the Alberta oilsands.

We'll keep our dirty oil and refine it, and the jobs, here.

rockfish said...

hey wilson, when your leader steps out of his own teflon 'bubble' and meets the real people and is ready to answer real questions, drop us a line, eh?
you're guy has no ground to stand on in this matter, and you are nothing but a troll. hit the road.

Dr.Dawg said...

Wish I could believe it (another flip on asbestos). But that's not the way Liberals work, unfortunately.