Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FreeD Legal Fundraising: Back To The Well

WestViking writes:

The legal bills are accumulating. As trite as it may sound, our freedoms are not free. We need to dig through the sofa cushions again and devote the price of the next latte to the fight for our freedoms. Our goal is thirty-three hundred ($3,300) this time.

This is all in the service of fighting their defamation case against Richard Warman. Interestingly enough, when it comes to meeting their target, it looks like FreeD may be going 0-3 this year. Both their March and January efforts stalled, and this latest has collected a grand total of $625 in five days.

As an aside, it looks like they try to raise an average $3,000 per quarter, and are saddled in with a $20,000 bill to fund their appeal. No word on how that is getting paid for.

Again, remind me never to get sued.

And on a somewhat related topic, WK wins again.

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