Saturday, July 04, 2009

Christie Pits: The Garbage Juice Thickens!

Another day without a pesticide spray! City's contracted pesticide guy issued footware not up to toxic swamp inside inner city open air landfill, otherwise known as Christie Pits!


...Evidence of an active fly infestation was detected in that fly larvae and adult flies were observed in the exposed putrescible garbage.

Meanwhile, what's Mayor Miller up to? Whatever, it sure hasn't damaged his hair. I mean, that's nice hair. Very thoroughly coiffed.


crf said...

How come they are not in arbitration?

bigcitylib said...

I think the city wants to avoid arbitration (more than the union), and it isn't a widespread health issue yet. Apparently, the union is rather impressed at the city's efforts. Last strike was supposed to have been far worse (I don't remember, though.)

Jason Smith said...

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