Friday, July 10, 2009

Gordon Smith Is Not Iggy

Got it! This quote is really important that Canada be on top this because otherwise ... somebody will come up with the idea of creating an entirely new group. A group that would certainly include key countries like China and India, but no particular reason why it would include Canada.

...comes originally from here. Iggy speaks for a bit, then Gordon Smith (Center For Global Studies)takes over and says the words in question. I imagine the e-mail Mr. Dimitri Soudas recieved was a transcript, because that's a picture of Mr. Smith there. Not at all like Iggy.

Remarks in question at about the 3:40 mark.


Anonymous said...

Good find.

And the biggest irony to me . . . not only is the quote NOT Ignatieff, but the quote itself is totally butchered and misrepresented.

If I say, "we had better be careful on our hike in this rain today or we may slip off the edge of the mountain trail" am I expressing my heartfelt belief that we should jump to our deaths?

Can it be conferred that I'm unstable because I'm advocating suicide?

The speaker clearly indicated it was important Canada strive to remain relevant and show leadership on the world stage.

Geez, what a bunch of clowns! Great close to another "triumphant" week on the international stage.

Stephen Harper is certainly the most youthful on the G8, if by that you mean he's on par with a 3-year old.

Ti-Guy said...

Miss Soudas is under a lot of strain, it seems.

I love this:

I'm sure people in L'Aquila are shaking their heads, well, why would you attack the leader of the opposition when you're on the world stage? You don't see Barack Obama going after John McCain. You don't see anybody else thinking about doing that. That's not what you do.... I just found it breathtaking in its mediocrity.

Well done, Mr. Rae

crf said...

This is all the tories care about. They've proved it time and again. They are the party of opposition: it's all they're good at.

Northern PoV said...

they just couldn't stop themselves....

imagined pre-presser dialogue:
Aide: this will resonate so well with our just-visiting ads
PM: whoopeee!

UU4077 said...

Ti-Guy - Of course, Rae's correct. Why on earth would you want to emphasize any internal country "sqabbles" on the international scene.

While he's at it, I'm surprised he didn't ask for dip with his cracker the other day (sorry, I couldn't resist).

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

**sigh** I said in my last post, you never know..

Ti-Guy said...

Fun news: CanWest hit 6 cents today, before rallying to close at 11 cents. Two historic lows.

Anonymous said...

Gordon love wearing dinner jackets for his appointment.