Monday, July 06, 2009

They've Survived The Purge...So Far

But folks aren't happy in Hillier country:

Here is a photo [...] of the Ontario PC Party in the Toronto Pride. … how can you people possibly support such a party.

Any PCPO Reds worried about the impending Day Of The Rope can seek shelter here. Cost you $10.

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Ti-Guy said...


But here’s the thing they and so many contemporary conservative “leaders” in our country don’t seem to understand: liberals are going to do that anyway.

When we conservatives talk about controlling spending, liberals accuse us of not caring about poverty;

When we talk about reducing taxes, they accuse us of favouring the rich;

When we talk about cutting red tape and regulation, they accuse us of not caring about people’s safety;

When we talk about health care reform, they accuse us of not caring about the sick and infirm;

Gee, I wonder where the Liberals got those crazy ideas?