Sunday, July 26, 2009

To Know Him Is To Sue Him, Part II: Ezra Gets Sued AGAIN

...blithers at length, and I do mean at length, begs for money.

Actual information in the post:

Khurrum Awan of the CIC is doing the suing.

Brian Shiller, who has also worked for Warren Kinsella and Richard Warman in the past, is his lawyer.

The libel notice is here.

The rest is the literary equivalent of watching a pot boil over.


Ti-Guy said...

If I were the least bit entrepreneurial (and had a stronger stomach) I'd think about setting up some service that provides the news media with condensed and accurate summaries of the incidents/events that make up the personal history of one Ezra Levant.

Oh, waitaminute...that's called journalism isn't it?

Oh, well...back to the 12-page libel notice, with the "wherefore's" and the "aforementioned's"...

Anonymous said...

In addition to Awan’s threat, I have four ongoing civil suits against me, as I’ve mentioned above. Some months there is very little legal work, but others are quite busy. My lawyers' bills range between $2,000 a month to $6,000 a month. If Awan follows through with a suit, it will be a $6,000 month.

That part, I don't understand. He's a lawyer and he can't defend himself and apparently nobody will give him pro bono as a professional courtesy.

If he really wants to save a bundle then maybe he'd better shut up for a change.

I'm quite sick of this guy's relentless blathering.

When you're in a hole, stop digging.

Dumb as a doorknob and not a clue in a closet, that guy.

MgS said...

Great catch, BCL!

Ti-Guy said...

That part, I don't understand.

Lawyers suing lawyers...

I'm starting to believe all of this is just a huge, lawyer-led scam.

In all of this, where is the money coming from, ultimately?

Gayle said...

The key is "professional" courtesy.

Ezra is not well respected in the legal community. I am not even sure he actually has any clients.

He does not practice with a firm (the Law Society of Alberta used to list the Western Standard as his firm - now they list "Ezra Levant".

He claims to be a libel lawyer, but a quick serach on Canlii shows no cases where he was counsel.

Reality Bites said...

And yet Gayle, he's probably been involved in more libel suits than lawyers who actually *practice* libel law.

Since he dropped his blog during the last election campaign in order to work in the CPC war room, one might wonder if his primary source of income isn't being paid by people to not write or speak in public.

I for one would be willing to hire him on that basis. ;)

Andy Lehrer said...
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Admin said...

"He's a lawyer and he can't defend himself and apparently nobody will give him pro bono as a professional courtesy."

Any lawyer who represents himself in court has a fool as a client. That's doubly true in Levant's case:)