Thursday, November 01, 2007

Watch The Arctic Melt Right Before Your Eyes!

...with this "heat sensitive cup", which depicts one of the many negative effects of Global Warming:

...a glacier out in the ocean. However, once you pour in a hot beverage, the massive ice formation slowly melts down into nothingness.

A great tool for picking up office babes around the water cooler (tell them the plight of the polar bear makes you cry).
The cup is a companion piece to this "global warming mug", which
...looks like a regular mug with a map of our planet drawn on it. Blue water, green land… and some chemical formulas.
The chemical formulas, which are presumably not coffee soluble, cause the map to change to reflect rising sea-levels brought about by AGW. A great Xmas gift that allows you to lay an endless guilt trip on skeptical friends.
PS. A "glacier out in the ocean"?


Ti-Guy said...

What's it made out of? Plastic?

Anonymous said...

Could we draw some coastal dwellers on it, too, and watch them drown 4 or 5 times a day?

I'm sure you believe this cup is yet more PROOF that AGW is real.

Anonymous said...

A "glacier out in the ocean"

This exposes the AGW-supporters complete lack of understanding of simpy physical geography. They'll have no hope in hell of understanding any science behind climate change.

The public education system failed somebody there.