Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Did A Boil On the Ass Drive Marx To Marxism?

Or perhaps one on the genitals?

LONDON (Reuters) - Karl Marx, who complained of excruciating boils, actually suffered from a chronic skin disease with known psychological effects that may well have influenced his writings, a British expert said on Tuesday.


The bourgeoisie will remember my carbuncles until their dying day," Marx told Friedrich Engels in a letter from 1867.

Funny are the twists and turns of history. If they'd had acne cream back in the 19th century, Karl might have been able to laugh and dance and sing like the rest of us, and might have collected butterflies instead of agitating for world-wide revolution.

Similarly with Hitler. If he hadn't cut his original mustache to cram his face into the gas-masks they used during WWI, Germany would never have fallen under his evil spell. He would have looked too dorky.


Anonymous said...

oh fuckin please, now the right tries to attack a dead mans ideas and you write about it??? come on, write something beneficial..

Anonymous said...

I always said Socialism was a mental disorder. This proves it.

Ti-Guy said...

I fail to understand why "Karl" is so highly regarded in Cdn Universities . . . and that so many lefties think socialism is the answer to all their problems .

When was the last time you went near a university? Your formal education ended when you graduated from "Mommy and Me"....which was last week.

It's like reviewing a book, Noschool. Your critique is not credible if you haven't read it.

I haven't read Das Kapital, nor do I want to.

Oldschool said...

TYGUY . . . your lieberal tollerance and intellect is showing again . . .
Your probably drive a honda civic, work at a food bank and won't benefit from all the tax cuts.
Why is it that lefties have their heads so far up their collective asses???

Ti-Guy said...

It's spelled "tolllarance," Noschool.

Raging Ranter said...

Your probably drive a honda civic, work at a food bank and won't benefit from all the tax cuts.

More like eats at a food bank - his family regularly cuts him off his allowance and kicks him out of the house for morally questionable behaviour.

Ti-Guy said...

Oh,'re still seething?

...get help, before you go on shooting spree, psycho.

Anonymous said...

Why do you neo-coms believe that tripe? Do you live your lives that way - do you work hard and then give half of it away to some lazy parasite and her horde of 8 variously-fathered children?

Anonymous said...

Hey, take it easy on ti-guy. His rhoids are acting up. He doesn't realize that sticking his own head up there so often can cause irritation.

Ti-Guy said...

Oh, God...please, wingnuts...I beg you...don't try to be clever.

It's depressing.