Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bill Murdoch On What's Wrong With Toronto...

...and why he would kick it out of Tim Hudak's Ontario:

Q How does the Toronto mentality differ from, say, the Ottawa mentality?

A I think a lot of the cities like Ottawa and London have been settled with people from rural Ontario. Toronto's been settled by people from out of Canada. So it's a whole different, multicultural city

I think what Bill means is that he came to town once and seen hisself a neegro. But maybe I'm over-analysing.

And on the capital city of the new Ontario:

One guy wrote it up, here in my own riding, that we'd have it in Bognor. That's where I live ... and we have a new bridge.... We didn't have a bridge for a long time and we argued and fought about it and finally they built us one.

So, in conclusion, if Hillier retires the PCPO has a substitute redneck to come in off the bench.


Skinny Dipper said...

If there is a problem with the urban-rural divide, then we in Ontario should consider redistributing powers between the province and regional municipalities. I do know that Ontario has a complicated system of regions, counties, district municipalities, and unorganized districts. Each as varying degrees of authority. I do think we can always come up with improvements to our governance.

bigcitylib said...

Bill's solution is to boot out Toronto cuz its too furrin'.

Ti-Guy said...

*sigh* And the media gives this drunken, low-rent demagogue all the space he wants to spout his nonsense.

They should have included Murdoch's description of what he thinks the new capital should look like.

Anyong said...

Another problem in Toronto...."I seen"...such bad English. I saw or I have seen.

Ti-Guy said...

Way to focus on the issue there, "anyong."

Another problem with Toronto: too many insufferable bourgeois on ESL holidays courtesy of mummy and daddy.

Polyorchnid Octopunch said...

Oh, come one, everybody knows what the real problem is. Despite the fact that a vote in rural ontario carries a lot more sway than one in urban ontario does, it's not enough... people in cities still outweigh people outside of them, and they just can't handle it. If they could just get rid of the single largest urban bloc, that permanent PC majority would be just within reach.

Ti-Guy said...

I'm holding out for Alberta and Saskatchewan to revert to territories. Only then will I entertain the notion of creating new provinces.

That's my final offer. Take it or leave it, Canada.

Anyong said...

"Way to focus on the issue there, "anyong."

Another problem with Toronto: too many insufferable bourgeois on ESL holidays courtesy of mummy and daddy."

Another problem...people who think they know everything and have answers for everything. Haw!!

Gene Rayburn said...

Wow what a comeback.

/rolls eyes

jkg said...

I think they do not want to admit it, but the trend towards urbanization is a slow, steady but clear one. Heck, I grew up in a rural riding, and while there was some retention, many went off into the big bad city of Toronto because that is where the oppourtunities are. This whole concocted schism has been beaten to death before; it is quite tiresome.

I don't deny there may be some different lifestyles that may inform different points of view from each region, but it does not necessitate the existence of some sort of massive, monolithic bloc of 'urbanites or townies' against the wholesome rural existence. This appeal to some sort of exalted workerism under threat crops up all too often only to slay careful yet predictable strawmen.

I can tell you one thing; a HUGE factor is property rights, which is a major cornerstone of Landowners Associations across Ontario, which often results in NIMBYism. However, that creates an instant suspicion and resistance to public policy and initiatives. My municipality was talking about a bike path to link our small towns, so that kids wouldn't get hit while cycling on an 80 km/h highway. Sure enough, this turned into some sort of "town versus country" thing, and nothing has happened, since its first suggestion: That was 10 years ago.