Friday, April 16, 2010

Warning! Self-Loathing Frenchy!

Maxime Bernier launches CPoC leadership bid by appealing to Alberta Rednecks, trashing own province!

If you think equalization payments=welfare=a sign of cultural inferiority, Maxime is your guy!


Tof KW said...

If people are suckered into thinking M. Bernier is saying something new and refreshing within Quebec, you should look up the ADQ. For that matter Lucien Bouchard has said similar things over they years, just more delicately and not using the wonderfully hypothetical "what if we..." line everywhere.

Back to your theory BCL - ya, look for M. Bernier to take a run at Sweaterboy's job.

CK said...

Oh Tof KW; Ex-Lax Max is indeed after the big job. Must be hard for him to be 'always the bridesmaid', never the bride kinda thing.

Will he get it? I would like to believe highly unlikely, but ya just never know. After all, See Sawah run looks she could be a contender for pres., sooooo

There are blogging tories who think it's a great idea as they fawn all over him. Yuck!

Let's cross our fingers...

Like Paradis, Ex-Lax Max is definitely an Albertan wannabe and a sell-out to Quebec, his own province. Too bad he hasn't made more of an effort to learn English, or perhaps he's too stupid to learn??

CK said...

Mr. Bernier argues that Quebec is overly dependent on equalization payments and needs to develop its own sources of revenues.

I wonder if he's one of that brigade from the far right who wants to kick Quebec out of Canada? Or is he a closet separatist?

Reality Bites said...

Well you see, much like the Liberal Party has had a tradition of alternating francophone and anglophone leaders, the Conservative/Reform party has a tradition of alternating intelligent men and idiots. Preston Manning, Stockwell Day, Stephen Harper. Clearly the next leader has to be Bernier or Jaffer.