Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Canadian Coalition For Democracies...RIP?

One of my favorites sources of Conservative crazy, the Canadian Coalition For Democracies (CCD) appears to have gone T.U. Its website is dead, and not too long ago (around late 2009, if I'm reading the history of edits page correctly) its wiki entry shifted from present to past tense.

All hail the CCD. Once supported by the likes of Tony Clement (formerly the head of CCD's Advisory Board) and Peter Kent, it was very, very good to this blogger.


Ti-Guy said...

I guess those cretins couldn't keep up with the shifting mess of conservative diaspora politics.

Uh, I mean...we are all diminished when a voice like this goes silent.

Weep with me, trolls, weep with me.

Ti-Guy said...

You obviously hate freedom of speech Ti-Guy.

That may not be so far from the truth, after last week, when one of Guergis's staffer wielded "freedom of speech" as a shield to deflect criticism of her appalling ethical vacuity. Freedom of speech in that instance started to look like a baby even a mother couldn't love.

But in fact, it's always been the Right that hates freedom of speech; its only real use for them is to justify and escape the consequences of their propaganda, their lies and their hate speech. Otherwise, their fundamental approach to freedom of expression is their well-known "message discipline" and their notorious censorship.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

CCD fell apart because of the arrogance of Alastair Gordon who took over and bullied, purged or alienated a number of board members out of the organization. Then, he allowed the CCD discussion board to become a forum for extremists such as Meir Weinstein and his followers and Ron Banerjee. On the verge of facing an expensive defamation suit, Al's remaining Board members finally tired of his madness and pulled the plug on him. The message board disappeared "temporarily" a year ago and he organization became inactive.

bigcitylib said...


I got the Toronto 18 mostly wrong (although I don't think I was blogging at the time so nothing can be proven). However, that was on the tail of "Operation String" I think it was called, which was pretty much an RCMP bung up. So there was a precedent.

Anonymous said...

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