Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tim Uppal Finally Speaks Out

...condemning the implicit threats threats aimed at Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh or provincial Liberal MLA Dave Hayer in advance of the annual Vaisakhi Parade in Surrey, B.C.:

Mr. Speaker, last week marked the Sikh celebration of Vaisakhi, which is the celebration of the birth of Sikhism as a collective faith.

Thousands of Canadians are celebrating throughout the country. For Sikhs it is an opportunity not only for celebration but for community service, which is a foundational principle of the faith. Sikhs have a long and proud history of contributing to the community and to this country, such as Sikh Canadian soldiers serving in our armed forces and in Afghanistan.

Sikhism preaches remembrance of God, truthful living and selfless service.

It is therefore extremely saddening that a handful of individuals have tainted this celebration by indicating possible violence and glorifying some of Canada's listed terrorist organizations. This is not the proper way to convey a message.

This government stands with the Canadian Sikh community in condemning those individuals who have overshadowed this celebration of shared Canadian and Sikh values of equality, humanity and justice for all.

Good to see, if a bit late in coming.

And from the parade organizers, something resembling an apology.


ridenrain said...

“Where we have gone wrong in this pursuit of multiculturalism is that there is no adherence to core values, the core Canadian values, which [are]: That you don’t threaten people who differ with you; you don’t go attack them personally; you don’t terrorize the populace.”

I wonder when exactly he thinks this problem started? Probably somewhere around 2006 is my bet.

Gallahad said...


Whoa what the hell are you smokin man?

Your xenophobia, is showing.

As for "You don't threaten people, who differ with you"

"You don't go attack them personally"

"You don't terrorize the populace"

Where exactly have you been for the last four years?

These are SOP, of the CPC.

Also hallmark traits, of the radical republican teabaggers in the US.

Why is the right so angry?

Unknown said...

There is a very good reason why Tim Uppal took his time.

His son, born premature March 20 has been critical care at Sick Kid's in Toronto. On April 7, he had major surgery, and is not out of the woods yet.

They are in a difficult situation right now.

ridenrain said...

I wonder what federal party he could be referring to. Who do you think has had the longest, most direct influence on immigration in Canada. Could it be the same that marched with the Tamil Tigers? What was that about not pandering to ethnic special interest groups?

Don't you recognize a Dosanjh quote when you read one?

Ti-Guy said...

What's "Ridden Hard and Put Up Wet" gassing on about now?

Gene Rayburn said...

Im sure its another RNR strawman argument that of course he will refuse to prove because he doesn't have any.

That's his modus operandi isn't it?

ridenrain said...

I guess it's quite an embarrassment to the Libs to have Dosanjh talking against a minority voting group.
Good thing Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal (the one who writes letters defending drug dealers) was there.
I guess it's important for this party to say one thing but do another.

Gene Rayburn said...

ridenrain, having a wake and bake this morning?

ridenrain said...

Sorry.. You folks from Toronto probably didn't even hear about this one:

Surrey Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal has written to a U.S. District Court judge on official House of Commons stationery in support of convicted international drug trafficker Ranjit Singh Cheema, The Vancouver Sun has learned.
Cheema was sentenced in California this week to five years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiring to smuggle 200 kilograms of heroin from Pakistan to North America in 1998.
The drugs were supposed to be exchanged with cocaine from a Colombian cartel in a deal that was intercepted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.
Dhaliwal's letter, dated July 9, 2008 and addressed to Judge Stephen V. Wilson, says the Newton-North Delta MP had met Cheema at "community engagements" and that the gangster seemed to be fully rehabilitated after fighting extradition for 10 years.

This is what Fowler was talking about and it seemed to take another threat for Dosanjh to recognize it. It's clear that the Libs don't want to dwell on this because it shows how phony the whole thing is.

Ti-Guy said...

ridenrain, having a wake and bake this morning?

That'd be my guess.

In fact, it might explain everything about the trolls. They seem to be constantly engaged in finding "fascinating" connections between unrelated or barely related things or are mired in some paranoid fantasy or another.

Gene Rayburn said...

Toronto hate from ridenrain in the morning. His hometown must truly suck for him to be that angry.

not from Toronto btw.

Ti-Guy said...

Toronto hate from ridenrain in the morning. His hometown must truly suck for him to be that angry.

That's the problem with the West generally and something its inhabitants don't like to talk about all that much. There are only like two or three places that are bearable, otherwise, it's just one, vast dreary expanse that can only be enjoyed if you're out tilling the land or riding a horse or fishing or hunting or something other than sitting hungover (for they all drink too much) in your veal fattening pen, staring at your computer and getting all riled up about what those Eastern bastards are doing.

When I lived in BC (which I considered a paradise compared to Ontario) I was constantly surprised by how bitchy the inhabitants could be over nothing at all. I've come to realise that *those* people were the Conservatives.

With the death of Toryism in the East, they're now the Conservatives here as well. If you know anyone bitchy, chances are, they vote Conservative.

My in-laws are a population study in that respect.

ridenrain said...

Lol. Maybe Mr. Graves could come out with a poll saying how scared I am.

Ti-Guy said...

Lol. Maybe Mr. Graves could come out with a poll saying how scared I am.

Or he could gauge that by the stench coming from your freshly-soiled pants, but I imagine they always smell like a horse stall.

Gene Rayburn said...

Is Ridenrain house trained or paper trained? Maybe he can answer that as he doesn't want to back any of his strawman arguments.

In what language is ridenrain the word for coward?

Anonymous said...

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