Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Greenpeace Shoulda Listened To Me

...because if they'd pulled the piece--which suggests taking violent action against climate change deniers-- when I (and others) told them too, they'd've suffered 24 to 48 hours less grief. But they finally have pulled it, and that's good. So far, the only MSM outlet to pick up has been Leo Hickman's Guardian Blog, which gives a fairly sympathetic account, so hopefully the damage won't be too severe. I still fear, though, that the story will wind up on the Limbaugh show. There's usually a couple days lag between the appearance of this kind of thing in the deniosphere and its appearance on Fox.

Calls to violence, even if intended rhetorically, are never good PR.


Ti-Guy said...

With this we conclude another demonstration of the "learned helplessness" of the Vanishing Liberal.

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...


You are wrong, TG.

With this, we see, someone who feels extremely strongly about an issue, but doesn't advocate something approaching violence to make that point.

It is one thing to say, "Here are the industries contributing to the problem - boycott, protest.."

It's another thing to say, "We know where you work, we know where you live."

Or, are you good with the abortion doctor murders?

rabbit said...

While "Gene" may or may not have been inciting violence, he was certainly inciting non-violent crime. In Canada, and presumably in the U.S., it is illegal to counsel others to commit a crime, even if no one acts on that advice (section 464 of the criminal code).

In other words, GreenPeace was likely committing a crime by posting the article, even if there was no violence involved.

I wonder if one of their lawyers didn't inform them of such. Perhaps blatantly committing a crime on their website was too much even for GreenPeace.

Ti-Guy said...

Thanks, whingers.

Now, for your "Hourly Conservative," we have the latest: Arrest after pro-health care senator threatened:

Excerpts of the expletive-laced messages transcribed in court documents show the caller saying he wanted to kill the senator, and it would just take one piece of lead.

Conservatives. Sure keep ya hoppin'.

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...


Have you EVER seen me suggest that the wingnut right in the U.S. is worthy of any sensible consideration?

Hence the reason for the example about the psycho abortion doctor killers.

We, in Canada, unlike those south of the border, and certainly unlike those across the pond.. believe in resolving problems by debate and discussion.. and those who don't, who believe that the ends justify the means - they are welcome to leave.

Ti-Guy said...

believe in resolving problems by debate and discussion.

Can we really say this about the Conservative Party of Canada? Really? After years-long political hate propaganda campaigns, "dirty tricks" manuals, cabinet muzzling, prorogation after prorogation, media scrutiny avoidance and general stonewalling, opacity and denial of access to information?

To my mind, it's not a long stretch from that and what's happening down South, particularly since they've copied both policies and strategy from the American Right.

In any case, Rob, this isn't about you.