Thursday, April 29, 2010

Emergency Physicians On The Long Gun Registry

Dr. Alan Drummond from the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians and an assistant coroner in Perth, Ontario:

"As a rural emergency physician and coroner, I can safely say that I've never seen a handgun injury. I have however seen my share of injuries and deaths inflicted by rifles and shotguns. I have felt the pain of investigating a double murder-suicide as a result of escalating domestic violence. Suicide, contrary to public opinion, is often an impulsive gesture. Keeping guns away from depressed people is essential. In the assaults and murders I have seen that have involved guns, the perpetrators acted on impulse and the unsafely stored long gun was readily available. Gun-related injury is not just a Toronto problem that involves gangs. It has occurred in my small idyllic rural community and involved people that would otherwise seem quite normal. Registration of firearms is important to ensure accountability and compliance with safe storage."

Full release through the link.


Gallahad said...

I personally do not believe anything emergency room physicians, have to say.

They are basically just an evil cult, who twist facts to suit their own demented agenda.

They want, the registry, when truth be told everyone knows the registry is as worthless as toilet paper.

In fact I know this, because I fully expect Toews, and Garry, (Whatever his last name is) to enlighten the nation about this.

The police chiefs, emergency room physicians, and all persons who endorse gun control, and licencing and registration, are all evil cult members.

The CPC, is the party of truth, honesty, and purity, and their facts and statistics must never be questioned under any circumstance.

Tof KW said...

Gallahad, you forgot to add that all emergency room physicians are political appointees, and a lobby group under the financial influence of the Liberal party.

Beside what to doctors know anyway? Fred from BC, CanadianSense, Rat, Wilson, Rotterdam, Frunger, Prairie Kid, and Jim all know so much more about the subject than any of these so-called 'expert' physicians.

RuralSandi said...

And, the reduction in crime in the last 30 years is all the Liberals damn fault.

Gallahad said...


Jim, was sounding more frazzled and foolish than usual, the other night on F&W. I figure he was heavy into booze and hallucinatory drugs, when he posted what he did.

Canadian Idiot, believes he is an object of sexual desire to other posters. I kid you not, he believes other posters are asking he/she/it for sexual favours.

Gene Rayburn, set him straight on that notion. I think Canadian Idiot, is a virgin who is desperate to lose it, but can't find a man, woman, or animal who wants anything to do with he/she/it.

The rest of them are just useless trolls bent on inflicting themselves on any blog that will have them.

It is amazing how they all sound alike. There is no variance in any of their assertions. I am starting to think those assholes you listed are all CPC, paid bloggers.

You would think that the CPC, could find somebody, anybody more intelligent than them.

Wilson, is particularly insidious, that clown is everywhere. I am starting to think Wilson is really a chimpanzee chained to a laptop with a list of talking points.

Don't get me wrong, if you are a Conservative that is fine. Everybody has a right to their own political view point.

But at least engage in honest debate, and dialogue. Tomm, Harvie, Jerome Bastien, and a few others are fine.

double nickel said...

Today's CPC talking points:
-adscam! adscam! adscam!

Thank you.